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Hello there.

Here I am, waiting. For that fateful day.

When everything will be just alright and just fine.

When i will have no fear, no worry, no anxiety. 42 more words

Living Under A Cloud

~ Written by Viki Rife

Some days just don’t go as planned. Like the morning I woke up mentally sorting out all that had to be done to prepare for the Margins Conference. 328 more words

Rose Colored Glasses

….its simple really.

I am the mother of the most painfully beautiful little boy.  We have a partnership see… one in which I learn a lot about how to be, who I am, and how I am supposed to navigate gracefully as a young mother, significant other, and friend… all the while he is hysterical, mischievous, and ever so studious on finding new ways to get under my skin and deeper into my heart.   491 more words



“And we are back to being strangers. To being bell towers of our own churches.

I think we have this peculiar pattern of being okay with each other then abhorring  each other the next minute. 256 more words


The Time My Aunt Caught Religion

Oh boy. You know when you’re used to someone making jokes about boys and birds and bees and they turn into someone with zero sense of humor overnight? 397 more words


Love is everywhere to be found

“Curiosity (Killed The Cat)” – I believe written and performed by Little River Band around 1975

Sometimes I think I’m just a crazy cat,

Running around don’t know where it’s at… 236 more words


Words Are Only Words.

I just want to go home for a while,

I want to feel lost with an unexplained sense of wellness,

Not the pain driven sleepless nights, lying awake waiting, 190 more words