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The Ugly Truths Behind Investment-Linked Policies

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

If you have spoken to an insurance agent before, chances are you would have heard of the product, Investment-Linked Policies (ILPs). ILPs are frequently marketed by insurance companies and pushed to consumers by enterprising agents. 1,450 more words

Money Matters

Self Awareness Rockstar

When it comes to personal development I am a self-proclaimed rockstar! I have spent countless hours and days painstakingly pouring over books and reading blogs and watching movies both fiction and documentary. 544 more words




throwing out all

my masks

they no longer



checking under

my bed

for all the


I’ve stored there

I AM… 79 more words

Daphne Shadows

The Call is Coming From Inside the House

I talk a lot about beliefs versus truths here, and RuPaul always says this phrase on his podcast so I thought I’d use it as my topic for this week. 634 more words


Shall We Play a Game?

One of the cheesiest things some businesses do to introduce new employees to everyone whose souls have already been bleached by fluorescent lighting is play the game… 742 more words


Article One

You guys:

This article is too important not to share. You can find the original page this article was posted on in the form of a link at the bottom of this page. 3,864 more words

Right Here, Right Now

I have not been reading lately and I see the difference. Everything becomes transitory and less meaningful. Things just happen and I don’t like it when they become mechanical. 428 more words