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Hello everyone, long time no post. I think I’ll have to do a life update post sooner or later not because much stuff has been going on in my life lately, but because my mind has been so busy!

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She walked right onto the bus with a halting persistence. Her movements were slow and arthritic. Hers was the embodiment of age. The familiar scent of the old;warm,somewhat stale,earthy and comforting. 819 more words


119: The Choice to Better

Good Folks,

One of the pleasures which has eventuated from the post I put up listing “The Ruskin Compendia” (# 115) is that I’ve discovered a few more of that varied–but often wonderful–lot! 402 more words

John Ruskin

It’s not MY fault...

So last week I had my first ever “manic” episode. Not my normal hypo-mania, but like unable to shut up, I spent like $2k on god knows what and I was just a mess. 97 more words


Thinking Vertically In A Horizontal World

The favorite class of my entire high school experience was Geometry.  I still love the shapes, the symmetry, the balance, the beauty, the complexity and the real world applications; indeed, the real world… 512 more words


Allies of the United States


The United States has no allies.

Not one.

An ally is a nation that is associated with another or others for the common good. 112 more words


About truths and dogmas

It would be well, if especially from our Anthroposophical standpoint, as I have often told you, if it were recognised consciously and thoroughly, that even what is said now, even what we acquire as ever such advanced knowledge about Spiritual things, that must not be grasped as a sum of absolute dogmas. 91 more words