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Dug out graves

And it became known

That someday the world will change around us

Or we will change around the world

List the deepest part of you… 123 more words

Deacons: An Apology and a Plea

The truth is I’ve never officially served as a deacon on any church leadership board. Though I have done some deaconing 733 more words


blurred horizon

Between lies told

and believed truths,

lies numb sanity;

fatigued from living.

under pretence

in world, make believe,

lies broken dreams;

spent of creativity.

inside the skin… 23 more words


10 Things I only learned about motherhood after becoming a mother - Part 2

We are still waiting for my sister-in-law’s baby to be ready to meet this world. I was so sure he would be here this week, but that just once again shows the joy of being a parent – kids are quite unpredictable and will do what they need to do when they are ready. 1,048 more words


Tales that Tell

Oh what delight have I found

That mere words doth speak

Tales of courage

And loves so deep

Where Kings were Kings

And honor sought… 127 more words


jan 20

around the world

how many people say shalom?

hello, goodbye, peace

Morning Ku

truth no. 24

you don’t need another half

just someone to match

the size of your heart

and strength of your love.

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