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The Borderlands of POETRY - 2


My Weeping Soul

I weep my truths in poetry
And from my unconscious mind
In the borderlands there
Where the finite
And the incomprehensible meet… 65 more words


Causation, Correlation, And The Perfection Of Science

The Director of STATS.org, a professor of mathematical sciences, wrote in Causation vs Correlation, how journalists and others have the problem of how one establishes causality – and avoid misleading the public. 1,229 more words

Philosophy Of Science

brightened nightlight's faded moth scales heightened eyeful eternity

speeds lightning a jettrail of life
as if to instantly weave a magic

these scopeless stilleyes
break out in babyblinks

vividly reminisce

some fairytale page… 91 more words


Forget Me Not...

Memories… the foundation of all experiences and lessons. Do they not exist within us and are formed by us… and yet, are so separate from us and wholly uncontrollable and exciting that we cannot resist their enticement and seduction. 209 more words


What doesn't define you, won't kill you either!

In a Kardashian Insta-Story world, she stood on the moor, looking out to sea, the wind blowing, this heroine¬†was plotting her revenge the old fashioned way…

1,096 more words

Be Human.

I read the book of Ecclesiastes again (I will again and again…) and I realized the words were written to and for a ‘human being’. 417 more words


Six Words: Truths

The naked truth during midnight hours