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What they don't tell you about military relationships 

Let me preface this whole post by saying this; I met the man of my dreams, and I don’t have a doubt in my mind about that. 403 more words


I’ve shared in a previous post, that my mother and I never bonded. We have an unusual relationship. Similar to two people who went through a war together, both tremendously hurt by said war, both have so much to say to each other but, one keeps avoiding the other. 1,221 more words


"Some may lie..."

“…some published books may lie for their publishers and authors lie in life, some thoughts may too, I don’t say about the movies that almost all lie deceiving to the false believes, I always loved of those that lied with real feelings prior to the time-is-out ends; I haven’t read too many though I watched too much to see how they could spoil me, they seem they didn’t; I’ve learned myself to lie as well in well and if some like the way I lie it’s may be that these words come easy to untwist my labium and labrum, they tickle and they yen to please me and to tease my gleeful metaphoric wits…(Oh, I lied again, ‘weeds’ sounds better)”


4 hard truths for new property agents in Singapore

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Time and time again, people have sworn on property as a means to strike it rich in the long term. That wisdom has spread not only to the buying and selling of physical property, but also in becoming an actual real estate agent. 557 more words

Money Matters

Sorry, stereotypo

I’ve had plenty of Ashton time lately, the other day I was riding my bike along the Esplanade at Surfers Paradise, watching people as I rode by, wondering where they came from or what they were doing there. 806 more words


How much is peace worth?
How many countries on earth?
How many blood-sprinkled shirts?
How many interrupted births?

How many truths? How many lies?
How many will regret a compromise? 19 more words


Passing the Test

Before the breakthrough

There is always a test

A distraction

That catches us off guard

Oftentimes, we don’t see it coming

Will we take

Less than what we asked? 76 more words