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TRX Training with a Balance Pad

We are all looking for stability in our lives. But what if a little instability was a good thing?

One simple way to bring instability safely into your training is to use a balance pad, and I find it’s a fabulous pairing with the TRX; you get the benefit of using those stabilizer muscles and can use it in a variety of ways. 136 more words

Two Months Without (gasp) A Gym Membership....and I'm Surviving

Once in a while, everything lines up to guide you in a specific direction. No, it doesn’t have to be a big deal… but this sure seemed like a big deal to me! 1,244 more words

Tips & Strategies


Even though this blog should not have the intention to solely notify about new uploads to my Vimeo On Demand channel where one could buy real time workouts – it is a queit cool project that we got going there, and then I am simply setting my priorities currently in a way that doesnt allow me to post much other things here. 62 more words

Workout On Demand #2

I am very much stoked on our second shooting and production of our “Workout On Demand” workouts!

If you are a fan of TRX Training & Kettlebell Training then this is possibily some great inspiration either for your own training or for your classes / clients. 54 more words

Best & Worst 2016

How did 2016 treat you?  When you reflect on the last 12 months do you feel closer to someone, accomplished, balanced or just a year older?   804 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back