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Oscar Challenge workout #3 (video) 

It’s FRIDAY my little cinema sweeties.  How are you doing with the behind the scenes workout videos?  Are you developing your character?  

Today’s workout is guaranteed to steam you up!   228 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

TRX 510 Boot Camp 1.0

New on the schedule, the TRX 510 Boot Camp! Get ready to move through 5 stations in this multi-station, multi-modality, multi-calorie-burning and multi-sweat drop work out.

TRX Workouts

Post T-day TRX workout 

How was your thanksgiving?  Are you stuffed?  Despite the rain and the The Dallas Cowboys let down and poor Tony Romo’s injury, we had a beautiful day!   159 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

Getting Fit For Travel: TRX training

The other week, my Class Pass adventures took me to Transition Zone in Parsons Green for a Power Plates class. The class was good but I did struggle (as per usual) and some of the exercises on the vibrating plate did make me feel a tad nauseous. 813 more words


Benefits of TRX Training

Reduced time spent pacing from one training station to another if you want to train different parts of the body.
The core is challenged in every exercise… 316 more words


The What's and How's of TRX

Those black and yellow straps may look daunting, but fear not!  Here is an easy guide to help you approach TRX with confidence.  Total body workout at the end! 682 more words


3 Reasons Why TRX Training is Beneficial for Tennis

Tennis is an extremely challenging sport that requires equal parts skill, conditioning, and coordination. Few other sports can match the intensity and mindset required for this one-on-one competition. 459 more words