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IUI #6-8: Frustration Sets In

IUI #6 (May 2015) – – I don’t remember the details. I imagine I recover from my hostility towards the clinic regarding the useless dr appt after the chemical pregnancy, and we go in for IUI #6. 423 more words


9 Months Not Pregnant

(Looking back on January 2015. Written in August 2015).

7 months ago I had a miscarriage. It was unfathomably amazing to me that I was pregnant (…I was pregnant!), and then all too quickly it was unfathomably horrifying that I wasn’t. 483 more words



(Looking back on Dec 2015. Written in Sept 2015).

IUI #3 (Dec 2015) – –  I don’t remember the details, the procedure, or the wait. I wish I did, so I could replicate them now. 124 more words


Let The Stresses Of Motherhood Begin

Since the start of this pregnancy I feared getting too big. I never restricted my diet, but I have been conscious of my decisions. I began to worry that I wasn’t showing as much as the scale said I was gaining, but my doctors reassured me my weight gain is completely healthy and the baby is just taking her time popping out. 641 more words

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

IUI #1-2: We're so excited!

(Looking back on Sept-Dec 2015. Written in Sept. 2015)

Well, after much discussion we decided to have a baby! I’ll leave out the conversational details and get right to the nitty-gritty. 170 more words


Whiny Preggo Post

When I first became pregnant, I knew that I was probably going to feel pretty crummy. I anticipated feeling tired and vomiting.. but neither of these really caused me much trouble (which was awesome!).  575 more words

One ebook. One day. One dollar. All the feels.

Sorry to pause from our regular programming for a brief announcement.

It’s very rare for a brand new novel to go on sale so soon after release. 395 more words