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We're getting closer...

Not to having a baby….don’t fret, this isn’t my pregnancy announcement!

Today I had my last pre-treatment blood test. Woohoo.

After I don’t know how many months – about 9 I think, I’m finally done! 157 more words

Dear Loved Ones (What I Need You To Know About IVF)

Struggling with infertility has brought to my attention how little people actually understand about it. Not to any fault of their own, of course but this is the perfect opportunity to talk to you all! 764 more words


Four Down

I’m going to keep it quick tonight. This evening was my fourth night of the Cetrotide injections. They seem to get worse every night. About 30 seconds after the injection I feel like I want to claw my skin off of my stomach it is so itchy I cannot even believe it! 277 more words


Week 12 -

Week 12 – Well…..everyone in our immediate family knows!! This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and we took the opportunity to spill the beans. First up was my mom, step-dad, sister, Grammie, brother, his gf, and aunt and uncle (only because they were there). 540 more words


Time to buff the banana

Today, Sam went for his sperm analysis. He insisted to the Receptionist when he made the appointment that he would ‘do the deed’ at home and bring it to clinic within the hour as advised. 263 more words


All the changes!

So insurance approved the Lupron, I was able to pick it up from the pharmacy last night. Now to just wait until Aunt Flow arrives for the month and then we get to start injections. 279 more words

My Journey Of Infertility

Inspiration from strong women...

I’ve been thinking a lot about a few things I’ve read recently. The ever wise Eco Feminist wrote about ‘Telling everyone’, every day since I read it I’ve thought about that blog post. 486 more words