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Comedian Tackles Infertility in Web Series

I’m happy to introduce you to Wendy Litner, a fellow infertility warrior I met through Twitter. She’s also a comedian who’s developing a web series called… 1,041 more words


Red light means stop, green means go, yellow means go very fast.

“What a day September 22, 2017 was!  The first day of fall and I didn’t have any more wake-ups to face, the day of our next doctor appointment had arrived.” 508 more words


Week 9 -Chill out brain!

Week 9 – My brain is really f*#king with me this week. Or maybe it’s not. But it probably is…… SEE!!! Ughh….. My symptoms are minimal. 341 more words

Depression: The bitch is back

So the black cloud that has been following me around for 17 years has showed its ugly bitch face again.

There is no pretty way to type the 9 letter bane of my life, it would seem I’m depressed. 598 more words

Praying for a Miracle Baby

Ok, so to start I should probably tell you a little about myself and why I am starting this blog. I’m Kelsey and I am 27 years old, married to the peanut butter to my jelly and a nurse for dementia patients (Exciting stuff!). 824 more words


Infertility Faux-Pas: 5 Things Not To Say

Infertility is really, really hard. It’s harder than I’ve ever even admitted to myself. It’s also deeply personal. Reminders of your infertility are everywhere. I’m not just talking about all of the babies at the employee picnic or the pregnant women at the grocery store or the mailbox full of baby announcements and shower invitations. 188 more words

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...so much sadness

Today is besties birthday and I message her sending her wishes and my love. I ask her how she’s feeling, her symptoms have been very strong. 180 more words