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Baby Envy

I think I may be losing it. My child radar is off the charts. I want a baby so bad, it makes me see babies and children everywhere. 321 more words


An empty womb and a heart full of feelings.

Let’s talk about my last post. Where did it come from?

I have a wonderful friend who is a young mother who writes her own… 512 more words


The Impatient Woman’s Guide To Getting Pregnant (A Review)

My first trying to conceive self-help book! – which is not what I exclaimed when this was first delivered.  This book sat in my shopping cart for a few months, then curled up in my nightstand for several more months.   2,548 more words

Trying To Conceive


It might be the fourteenth of January already, I might be slightly slow to the New Years bandwagon but I think that is more so as a result of indecision rather than tardiness. 944 more words


Trying to be happy for them...

Anyone else feel like all they see on Facebook and Instagram is people announcing they are having a baby? I definitely do. It may just be because we are really hoping that one day we can have our rainbow, but it is getting harder and harder to be happy for my friends and family announcing their happy news. 470 more words


#137. Fuel Your Saturday with this Smoothie Recipe -Christiana Stephen

Hello Moms,

Thanks for stopping by, it’s Saturday. For me today is for rest and organizing my meals for next week. Here’s how I start my day. 80 more words

Weight Loss Ideas

My friends are pregnant.

You heard me. My friends are pregnant. Seven to be exact. That doesn’t include the four babies that just came out of the womb within the last 30 days nor the neonatal loss in December that wrecked my heart. 698 more words