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All of the feelings, in one post....

Before you get 2 excited we aren’t pregnant! You will most definitely not find that out by reading my blog. I can promise you that! :) 539 more words


Telling Supervisor about TTC

Yesterday, three minutes before my typical work departure time, I (Em) decided to tell my boss that Lyn and I are working on having a baby. 378 more words

Ok, That Lasted All of Two Days

I have checked my family planning app at least five times today…even though the information will not change. The glaring information of predicted ovulation is the same, and will be the same no matter how many times I look at it. 199 more words


Trying to conceive

My two attempts at becoming pregnant went something like this:

Pregnancy #1:¬†Got married, starting trying to conceive (TTC), started to think that I most likely had… 676 more words

Working Mama

As the Mood Turns

Sometimes you don’t know it’s coming. You sit there, smiling and enjoying your evening. You’re watching your favorite show again. It’s a good moment. POW!!!!! You want to start crying and yelling at something that you can’t put you finger on. 377 more words



I feel as if I am a bit in limbo today. This week is the week we try again. I have decided to not stress about it. 147 more words


After Eight Failed Cycles, We Got Our BFP!!!!!

I haven’t written in this blog since March. ¬†There are many huge life changes that have happened since I last wrote, and one of them happened this morning; 103 more words