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You want to be a cheerleader?

One day in 8th grade, seniors from the High School came in and announced if anyone wanted to join the cheerleading squad there would be a meeting and for some reason I went. 398 more words

How to encourage your kids to dream big

And my oh my, it’s that time of year when kids wish for the moon.

Christmas sale ads are popping up everywhere! But games, new gadgets and brightly wrapped packages are not all kids dream about.   272 more words


"Congratulations, You've Made the Team!"

Your heart races as you open the email regarding your tryout results. You race up to the board with the numbers posted on the board, frantically checking if you are one of the elite. 225 more words


"Sorry You've Been Cut"

It is the dreaded email some athletes get, but never hope for. Not everyone can make the team every single time. Failure happens sometimes and as humans we can’t all be perfect every hour and every second of every single day. 230 more words


The night before tryouts

Just like preparing for a big test, a cheerleading tryout requires preparation the night before. I am going to give my three biggest tips to make sure you do the night before the big day! 196 more words


Packing a tryout bag

When getting together your bag for tryouts, it is important to keep in mind what you may need. Here are some tips for when you are getting your bag together for tryouts, so you don’t feel completely lost when trying to pack. 177 more words