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Doing February like Tom Eliot

South Kensington is white washed against February sky. We step outside as if we had done it before – this is our street for three days. 351 more words


The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

This isn’t going to be a review. Not even sure what a 500 word review of The Waste Land would even say (“bit weird, rhymes aren’t as good as Pam Ayres, why are bits in German? 398 more words


Ash Wednesday

I meant to remind people of this poem a few days ago; T.S. Eliot is one of my favorite poets. I can read him for hours and… 248 more words

The Imprisonment of Faith

Cultic religion offers us occasional example of how a faith system can become bondage.  But, often this phenomenon of “cultism” can subtly creep into faith systems that aren’t readily described as cults.  510 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

Whose children are these anyway? Thoughts on liberalism and schooling

In the news recently there’s been a story that has kept coming back to me about a conflict in a school between predominantly Muslim parents and an initiative promoting same-sex relationships. 3,313 more words


Ezra Pound

Tucked away somewhere in, around, or beside the grounds of St Mary Abbots Church just off High Street Kensington is a thin and windy road called Kensington Church Walk. 178 more words

Blue Plaques

Lady of silences, pray for us...

We are nearly at the beginning of Lent, late this year. Last year we were already a fortnight past Ash Wednesday by today’s date, at the end of the second week, nearly – where Eliot… 212 more words