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What is motivation? How does it impact on teaching and learning?

Motivation is inspiration and willingness to do the work

‘A theoretical construct used to explain the initiation, direction, intensity, persistence and quality of behaviour towards a goal’ Murphy and Alexander (2000) 182 more words


Using your experiences and observations in school write a critical reflection on the practical application of learning theories and how these impact on children’s learning.

In this assignment I am going to explore a number of different approaches to learning in the primary classroom. Alongside the examination of the learning theories I am going to reflect on how I have observed these being put into practice in classroom environments and some of the implications on the children’s learning in those situations. 2,788 more words


Exercise Book Brick Wall Super-Set (so to speak)

This started out as my fulfilling a request for dark_moon at GoS, who had asked someone to make him some matching floors for cosette’s Exercise Book Brick Wall set. 234 more words

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I was doing up a request for dark_moon over at GoS for some floors to match cosette’s Exercise Brick Walls. And I thought they needed some more stuff to go with them after I made the walls seamless on the top and the bottom — they originally were not. 128 more words


Learning Theories 03/06/15

At the end of term I received the results from my final assignment: an essay on learning theories. For this assignment I had to research a wide variety of different learning theories, such as Behaviourism and Social Constructivism and discuss their ideas about how children learn. 128 more words

EAL Assignment 28/05/15

At the end of the year I submitted an assignment for my specialist subject of EAL (English as an Additional Language). For this assignment I researched the key aspects of teaching pupils with EAL, which included developing basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency through the provision of context-based activities and opportunities for group work within lessons, as well as the use of continuous assessment procedures to monitor learners’ progress. 96 more words

NEW Sims Story


I will be alternating between two stories, one with Sims 2 and another with Sims 4. I will update with a background story on both families tomorrow. If interested leave a comment!!

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