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Planning with CT

The school that I completed my final placement in was very supportive, all you had to do was ask for help, and someone would be ready and willing to spend some time in helping you. 148 more words

Teachers' Standards

PP1B - Week 1

I’ve really enjoyed my first week of placement 2! I’ve spent most of the week observing and getting to know the school and children in my class. 256 more words

The Adventures Of Juan The Vampire Pt. IX

Tachina Iyvaydohr slips easily back into doctor mode as Juan Borja opens up to her.

The Sims 2

Support and Challenge

Through this new method of evaluation and professional progress and development both in understanding and practice I was then able to consider in greater depth the ways in which I could support and challenge pupils appropriately. 89 more words

Teachers' Standards

Evaluation to Plan

I decided to (physically) highlight the areas in my planning that specifically used the assessment/evaluation from the previous lesson so that I could see the benefit of this process. 132 more words

Teachers' Standards


During my interim visit I received constructive feedback from my visiting tutor and mentor, with particular reference to lesson evaluation.

Prior to the visit my evaluation was somewhat unhelpful. 195 more words

Teachers' Standards

The Adventures Of Juan The Vampire Pt. VIII

Juan Borja recounts his days in PRF before he took the cure for his vampirism and reunited with his exiled family.


The Sims 2