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Learning Theories

Learning for you…

To critically consider VAK learning styles and learning theories of behaviourism and constructivism

To have an understanding of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs… 953 more words

Reclaimed Farm - Recolor It #21

Five meshes from Tinkle’s Reclaimed Farm set were used for this month’s Recolor It contest: the table, sink, hutch, bench and wall wash hanging.

The handles are not dribbled like that on the real mesh, they blended in with the background of my screenshot and didn’t lift when I was making a transparent swatch. 19 more words

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Beautiful Base Game Add-On's

I have some goodies for you that I made to go along with my entry for the Beautiful Base Game Recolor It challenge.
For starters, this is my original sofa recolor. 288 more words

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Beautiful Base Game - Recolor It #17

Beautiful Base Game’s objects are made with 5 base game furnishings:
Blue sky Bonsai Tree
Handle & Spout Painting
Recycled Relaxer
Coming Up Roses Loveseat by Oaktowne…

116 more words
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Celebration! - Recolor It #13

Here’s a little something that’s sat on my desktop since last spring. There were a few things I just didn’t like at the time of entering in that month’s contest that I thought I ought to fix before uploading it. 74 more words

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Pretty Patio - Recolor It #12

Pretty Patio featuring a set by Suza at Simply Styling.  Get the Meshes Here.
I recolored both tables for unity when using the set. 33 more words

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Maxis Living - Recolor It #10

Recolor It 10 featured Maxis living room furnishings. My recolors are done in shades of “Herbal” and “Spice”.

There are two sofa recolors — I had made two and chose the one I liked better in my Recolor It entry, and I have forgotten which file is which since they are simply named sofa and sofa2. 33 more words

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