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North Beach Records

North Beach is home to stars and celebrities, so it is no doubt that North Beach Records is a popular place for the locals. A private recording studio, North Beach Records features an office, board room, public lobby, and a fully furnished recording studio complete will a strings room. 69 more words



Hi. My name is Amanda Hayes, and this is my journal. Maybe keeping it will help me figure out what I am doing here. Who I am. 303 more words

Sims 2

The Strangeness of StrangeTown, Chapter 2 :Nervous Subject

Nervous was used to it, it was all he had ever know. Being tortured single day of his life for new science projects. Strangetown banned testing on animals 10 years ago. 581 more words


The Strangeness of StrangeTown, Chapter 1 :Ajay Loner

It was a boiling hot summer day, the usual when you live in the desert. Ajay Loner had just move to Strangetown, he came from a busy, loud neighbourhood. 205 more words


The 3 before me rule.

Whilst on placement it was commented on by my link tutor that as I was the only adult in the classroom because we did not have a ta all the time the children relied a lot on me and as a class they were used to being spoon fed a lot of work and answers because of the area this was just the way that the children were treated by their parents. 253 more words

Timings of lessons.

At the start of my professional practise I struggled greatly with the timings of my lessons this had developed from my second practice as i had a short time on placement and could not improve myself professionally. 263 more words

Child observation

Ethan is not a un-clever child- being of middle ability in literacy his writing skill is quite high when he enjoys what he is doing an example of this would be writing stories as this is something which ethan enjoys. 542 more words