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Running Record - Reading Assessment

This is a way in which a teacher can follow along with children and assess which words they are able to read. This allows a teacher to identify phonemes that a child may be struggling with. 71 more words

Miss Larmour's Reading Journal

Over the course of the three years, I have gradually developed my own reading journal which has allowed me to refer to over whilst on professional practice. 131 more words

Volcano Homework

On my 3rd year placement, I conducted a range of lessons within English and Geography based on the topic of volcanoes.

For the term whilst I was there I asked the children to harness their knowledge of volcanoes to work on a project of their choosing. 77 more words

Brain Builders

Brain Builders was a way in which I wished to encourage independent learning within the classroom. Our brain builders were colour coded; purple for English; blue for Maths; and orange for any other topic. 158 more words

The Teaching Standards

This is a link to all 8 of the teaching standards.

QR Codes

In university, we looked at the use of  QR codes in the primary classroom. QR codes are digitalised squares that, when scanned with the correct device or smart phone application, link to a desired web page. 111 more words