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Squirt, The Evil Peeping Tom Snowman

This is Tams Lake Lodge in Veronaville, an adult luxury resort.

The “Winter Games” have officially begun…and have also attracted an uninvited guest…

The Sims 2

What is Big Writing?

What is Big Writing?

On Tuesday, 17th October 2017, Ros Wilson, the creator of Big Writing, was presenting a lecture at the university, for PGCE students, 1st/2nd/3rd-year Primary Education students and Early Years students. 968 more words


N'Ked's Dilemma

After a night performing the sacred fertility dance at the pleasure of the King and Queen, the palace finally sleeps…

N’Ked awakens, troubled by his desire to move on to a life as a free man in the New World. 170 more words

The Sims 2

A Summer flashback

Because sometimes, I leave things half-written in my drafts for a long time! 151 more words


Onebyex: Danny and the Arcade

Here’s a fun fact about this sim, he comes from the few memories I have of my very early plays of The Sims 2, we are probably talking about middle school if not late elementary (the save is now lost in case you are wondering). 293 more words

The Sims 2


The area that I found most difficult during Phase 1b placement was modelling. Having not much experience in a Year 1 classroom, I was unaware of the need to model when setting tasks for the children to complete. 151 more words


Effective use of a Teaching Assistant

As a trainee teacher, it can be rather intimidating to enter a school and work with the class Teaching Assistant (TA) who has quite often had many more years experience in a school setting. 223 more words