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Learning Theories 03/06/15

At the end of term I received the results from my final assignment: an essay on learning theories. For this assignment I had to research a wide variety of different learning theories, such as Behaviourism and Social Constructivism and discuss their ideas about how children learn. 128 more words

EAL Assignment 28/05/15

At the end of the year I submitted an assignment for my specialist subject of EAL (English as an Additional Language). For this assignment I researched the key aspects of teaching pupils with EAL, which included developing basic interpersonal communication skills and cognitive academic language proficiency through the provision of context-based activities and opportunities for group work within lessons, as well as the use of continuous assessment procedures to monitor learners’ progress. 96 more words

NEW Sims Story


I will be alternating between two stories, one with Sims 2 and another with Sims 4. I will update with a background story on both families tomorrow. If interested leave a comment!!

Sim Stories

Wood & Stone

I was looking thru stuff and found something I made long ago and as far as I know, I never uploaded them anywhere. I know I used them making lots, but I can’t remember where and what for anymore. 166 more words

Sims 2 Downloads

Recolor It #14 - For The Boys

Black Pearl Sims’ Recolor It for May 2014 featured five of Moxxa’s  3to2 Conversions from her Cemre RH Superset. I never finished this on time since I kept redoing the pillows until they looked right and I had a pic in mind for the painting, but I could never find it. 117 more words

Sims 2 Downloads



sim: teenager

hair by peggy

eyes by stacy@tsr

skintone by simchic

outfit not included

Download here