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Traffic Lights!

A visual representation of traffic lights could essentially help children to reflect on their own progress whilst aiding reflection. It is a quick way to formatively assess. 197 more words

Power to the Pens!

 Where I am at: 

  • Second day of Phase 1B Placement.
  • Reviewed assessment strategies with mentor.
  • Aimed to promote good progress and outcomes of pupils by looking at assessment levels, aiming for L5.
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Science Display

This is example of a science display from professional practice 2. It shows off the children’s work through pictures and their work from the investigation. The science investigation was based on making a kite out of material and seeing what happened when they flew it. 87 more words

Maths Display

These are examples of maths displays I have produced during professional practice 2. The children use this as a working wall during lessons and to just look at during the day. 98 more words

Literacy Display

Displays from professional practice 2. There are examples of literacy displays I have made. They both show examples of children’s work which is an essential part of a working wall. 112 more words


…to my blog! A while back, I decided that it was high time that I started myself a Sims 2 Medieval-themed game. I had always wanted to, but never found the time, and then recently it all just kind of fell into place. 146 more words


Redrafting flaps - staff meeting

During a staff meeting on profession practice 2 the idea of redrafing flaps was discussed. I believe this to be a great way for the children to edit their work. 102 more words