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Felicity Goodman - Chapter One.

As she stood outside the place she would be living in from now on, Felicity felt herself beginning to cry just looking at it. There really was no going back from this, this time, she thought and took a deep breath in to calm herself. 1,233 more words

Chapter One

End Of Professional Practice Report

I completed my first professional practice on the 27th of March after 6 weeks.

As I did not complete the full 8 weeks like others on my course I achieved a level 3 overall (grade was limited by TS2, TS4 and TS5), however I did manage to achieve a level 2 grading for standards 1, 7 and 8. 199 more words

Capacity 23/03/15

For my final lesson observation of professional practice 1A, I taught a maths lesson focusing on capacity. During this lesson, I led a practical activity, where the class were able to use water and different containers and measuring equipment to learn about how capacity is measured, and compare the capacity of different objects. 237 more words

Glove Puppets 19/03/15

The lessons I enjoyed teaching the most whilst on placement has to be my DT lessons for glove puppets. For these lesson The children designed, created and then evaluated a glove puppet of one of the characters from ‘The Elves and The Shoemaker’ as this book was their topic for the half-term. 193 more words

Pushes and Pulls 05/03/15

After the first ‘pushes and pulls’ lesson on 26/02/15, Ash and I taught a follow up lesson, where the children investigated how the force of a push affects the distance an object travels. 198 more words

Elves and Shoemaker Descriptions 03/03/15

During placement, the children began a new topic about ‘The elves and The Shoemaker’ for which the class teacher wanted them to write a description of one of the characters. 268 more words

Reflective assignment on the NC, Safeguarding and pupil progress

In this assignment I am going to discuss my academic development in three aspects of the study of primary education. I will first explore the national curriculum, discussing the need for a good subject and curriculum knowledge, differentiation, cross-curricular teaching and the evolution of the curriculum itself. 2,404 more words