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TSA Flunks 96 Percent of Undercover Security Tests

An internal Transportation Security Agency (TSA) undercover investigation has revealed that the agency’s airport checkpoints are almost complete failures when it comes to preventing explosives and weapons from being taken onto airplanes, reported… 290 more words


TSA’s $1 Billion Dollar ‘Chat Down’ Program has Been Deemed a Complete Failure by Government Accountability Office Investigations

#AceSecurityNews says  according to the GAO, the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques program is “no better than chance” when it comes to identifying security threats, which suggests that it has been a colossal waste of time and money. 461 more words

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Federal Judge Denies Bond For Former TSA Screener

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A federal judge Monday denied bond for a former Transportation Security Administration screener charged with making threats against Los Angeles International Airport. 175 more words


The Overly Aggressive TSA Screener

A frequent flier says a TSA agent slapped his testicles as punishment for opting out of the naked body scanner at an airport in Las Vegas. 121 more words

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TSA Officers Jailed for $40,000 Theft from Checked Baggage

My first advice for traveling with valuables is don’t. But if you must, don’t check them. If they won’t fit in your carry-on, consider FedEx or UPS. 33 more words

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TSA Screeners Are Not Law Enforcement Officers

December 30, 2011 – (Updated Dec 30,2011 5:06pm) -In the news today is another story of a TSA screener charged with child pornography.  How many times this past year have you read that story? 132 more words


State Going 'Full Blast' With Theft Charges Against Former TSA Screener, Says Lawyer

Toussain Puddie, the 32-year-old former TSA screener who says he mistakenly took home a Montblanc pen belonging to car dealer Rick Case, was arraigned on Monday for grand theft charges relating to the incident. 13 more words