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Packing time

It’s that time of the year..1st time I packing for an international flight. I put away all the suitcases and passports until now. It’s an exciting time. 358 more words

Do NOT fly into Detroit from Liberia

“Each day, about 125 air travelers who have been to Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone arrive in the United States. These travelers should enter the United States through one of five airports and go through a process called entry screening. 1,317 more words

GradSWE Overseas

With No Credit Cards Allowed, No Cash In ATMs, No Banks Open, Tourists In Trouble In Greece

Banks all across Greece are closed today, and will remain closed for the rest of the week. Not because it’s a holiday, but because the Greek government is trying to stop the banking system from collapsing as money flows out of the country while its long-running debt crisis reaches a critical point. 365 more words

Small dubya; Big Horse

the front line against tyranny
cottage cheese and foreign beer
looks a lot like you think it might



Katie Pavlich witnesses TSA give veteran and amputee 'extra patdown' for extra security; Updated

The TSA took a break today (we think) from harassing Dana Loesch so that it instead could devote some extra time to patting down a veteran amputee. 586 more words

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