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Traveling in Texas

I had never been to Texas until last week. I’ve seen it on TV, read about it in books, and met people who are from there, but I had not spent any time there. 1,572 more words


Quick Whit's Packing NON-Essentials

Well, we’ve been through the double-duty clothes to pack, packing essentials, and now we need to address the proverbial elephant in your suitcase: the non-essentials you should leave behind! 1,064 more words

TSA enhances screening procedures for carry-on items nationwide

NORFOLK, Va. – The Transportation Security Administration has enhanced screening procedures for carry-on items at airports nationwide.

Travelers must remove all personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone from carry-on bags and put them in a bin with nothing above or below them. 94 more words


Pregnant Women, Large Men, TSA Pat Down Sex, and Cheetos

Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from a visit to see her son in Charleston.  She chose a 6:05 AM return flight, in order to get back in time to go to her painting class. 801 more words


The journey begins

As usual, I waited to pack until two o’clock in the morning, ten hours before I was anticipating to leave. I was advised to pack lightly by my friend, as we were flying Norwegian Air and they had a weight limit for carry-on luggage. 664 more words


Quick Whit's Packing Essentials

It’s another day, and that means it’s another opportunity to share my secrets to packing success! I have been reading several other travel blogs lately, and many of them have at least one post on packing and/or travel essentials. 719 more words

Bomb residue on cast strands Virginia woman at St. Louis airport

ST. LOUIS –  “I was selected to give a talk at the Soy Bean Breeders Conference.” said Anne Alerding.

That’s what brought the Lexington, Virginia resident to St. 403 more words