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Stranger saves Minnesota man from bland food at New Orleans airport

NEW ORLEANS – A Minnesota man found himself dependent on the kindness of a stranger after running into a hot sauce roadblock on a recent trip to New Orleans. 443 more words


TSA Finds 4 Guns In Luggage At Midway Airport In March

CHICAGO (CBS) – Transportation Security Administration officers have detected four firearms in March at the Midway International Airport security checkpoint.

According to a TSA press release, officials discovered the guns on March 8, March 12, March 20 and March 22. 99 more words


Traveling with Asians

If you didn’t know me super well, you might think I like to travel. Those of you who know me well already did the spit-take on that idea. 447 more words

Airports and the New Politics of National Belonging in the Age of the Travel Ban

“By participating in this key, if seemingly unremarkable, ritual of contemporary American militarism, we also verify our fitness for citizenship. We prove that we belong.”

708 more words
American Studies

United Airlines Opening Fully Automated Airport Screening Lanes

In an effort to ease congestion at security checkpoints — like last year’s unholy traffic jams during the busiest season for travel — United Airlines has outfitted an entire airport terminal in New Jersey with automated screening lanes. 230 more words


How to Deal With the Travel Ban on Laptops and Tablets

On March 21st, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that any personal electronics larger than a smartphone cannot be carried in the passenger cabin on US-bound flights originating from Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. 547 more words

Laptops, tablets on airplanes: What's the threat?

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

PARIS: The United States and Britain have banned laptops and tablet computers from passenger cabins on certain airlines’ flights from some airports in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, citing terror threats. 535 more words

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