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In praise of small airports

I know all the reasons small airports are impractical, and why bigger airports are good for the airline and related businesses. Allows for the hub and spoke model, leverages infrastructure investment and scarce land resources better; attracts more flights from more destinations. 410 more words


Matin typique chez mon autiste

Lundi, 7 h. Le réveille-matin sonne dans la chambre de Laurent. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Et vlan sur le snooze. Je n’espionne pas ses moindres faits et gestes, je fais juste entendre ce qui se passe. 827 more words

Autisme Trek

Unfriendly Skies

In the latest episode of Sky Wars, an American Airlines flight attendant got belligerent with the mother of a toddler, wresting a stroller away from the woman and hitting her child in the process. 575 more words

This Dog Was a Very Good Boy After Being Twitter Shamed by an NBC Talking Head

If you could spend an entire flight sitting next to a well-behaved dog, wouldn’t you?

Well, don’t talk to Mark Halperin then. The NBC political talking head was the subject of widespread ridicule this weekend after he complained about sitting next to an adorable Bernedoodle (poodle/Bernese mountain dog mix) named Charlie on a Delta flight: 591 more words


Spring, Sadness, Hope

I watched this video yesterday and broke down crying.  It pulled on my heart strings because I know exactly how each of the moms feel.  You struggle privately and have to put on a brave face for your kiddo. 608 more words


Holocaust escape: Today's yesterday

There are those who, being in an extermination camp, escaped. Here’s a STORY and a VIDEO about a tunnel for the purpose of survival.

For those who don’t know, I’m Jewish, I’m a Catholic priest, and I have travel protection ordered by the State Department because of certain untoward events in my life that involved the political-military affairs office of Main State at Foggy Bottom. 437 more words


TSA reminding travelers what is and isn't allowed on flights

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The TSA is reminding travelers about what they can and cannot carry on a commercial aircraft. Friday they shared a sampling of items surrendered in recent weeks at PTI airport. 199 more words