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Orphaned Baby Elephants “You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With”

See baby elephants escort a man into a wild herd in East Africa. Investigative journalist Bryan Christy takes some time to relax with the young orphaned elephants at the Ithumba Release Camp in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park. 24 more words


Safari in Galdessa Camp, Tsavo East National Park

I had never been on safari before. Neither had my parents. So when my Dad turned to my brother and I and said, “Fancy going on safari in Kenya?”, we all, jumped at the chance. 975 more words


No more orphans…

Off in the distance some figures in bright green coats and crumpled safari hats were calling out names in high, shrilling tone: ‘Kitirua’, ‘Alamaya’, ‘Reo’ ‘Lasayen’ and slowly one by one, baby elephants emerge out of the bushes in a single line, trolling and trumpeting, but never forgetting to follow their keepers – a straggled procession of brown faced eager elephant orphans, flapping their ears, wearing a hypnotic grace and fiddling with their curious long trunks. 766 more words


Found the most beautiful place I have ever been to.

The past days have been incredible. The very alone Christmas was not as lonely as I had thought it might be, the Kilimanjaro was more visible than the days before, and the second National Park is breathtaking. 213 more words


The World Lost Two Magnificent Elephants in 2014

May 30: Satao, 45-46: One of Africa’s last ‘great tuskers,’ Satao had tusks weighing over 100 pounds. He was found poisoned to death by poachers in Kenya. 419 more words

The Loss of Satao

Beloved African Elephant Killed for Ivory


National Geographic has written about ‘Kenya’s most adored elephant’. This is a sad month for Tsavo National Park. 60 more words


Satao, one of Africa's largest elephants, killed by poachers for ivory tusks weighing more than 45 kg

One of Africa’s last “great tuskers,” elephants with ivory weighing more than 45 kilograms, has been poisoned by poachers in Kenya.

The bull, named Satao, and likely to have been born in the late 1960s, succumbed to wounds from poison darts in a remote corner of Tsavo National Park, where he had migrated to find fresh water after recent storms. 550 more words