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First stop, Tokyo (part 2)

Day 2 in Tokyo

We started the next day by torturing ourselves with ice cold showers to prove we’re still badasses. It only kind of worked. 1,390 more words

Tsukiji Fish Market Visit

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the world’s largest fish market, and it is the center of the universe so to speak, for all the fish lovers out there. 166 more words

Eating In Asia

Day 2, Octopus, Octopii, - Japan

One of a variety of octopus/octopii for sale at the Tsukiji Fish Market.


Day 2, Knives - Japan

Many and varied were the knives used at the Tsukiji Fish Market, see below also.

Some of a vast number of knives laid out for cleaning and sharpening at just one stand.


Day 2, Fish For Sale - Japan

Not all the fish sold at the Tsukiji Fish Market is fresh, this fish being cut up was frozen.

But these were fresh, very fresh.


Day 2, Offcuts and Offal - Japan

Fish heads lying on the floor at the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Buckets of sea offal at the Tsukiji Fish Market.


Tsukiji Fish Market Blueprint

My husband I will be spending most of our three weeks in Tokyo. He will be working and I’ll be playing. Some of the places we are visiting include: factories, businesses, museums and universities. 1,037 more words