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Tokyo Tourist Part II: Down to the Wire

It’s less than one week until departure and with many other things going on right now, like moving and sayonara sales (bleh!), J and I are in a mad dash to complete the last remaining items on our bucket list. 934 more words


Eurasia Trip 2014: Tokyo, Japan

We’re finally in TOKYO! Cue in the Tokyo Drift song! It’s been a long trip, we’re exhausted, but there’s still so much to do, see and eat! 1,019 more words


Spring Break in Tokyo: Part 1

The end of my teaching practicum coincided with the beginning of spring break. I thought about traveling out of Japan for the week, but why leave?  1,603 more words


Japan 2015, Episode 3: Sushi in Tsukiji (featuring "What Did We Learn Today"?)

Today, I give a little toast to my first major travel mistake of the trip. It had to happen sometime, and hey – it was more of a “poor planning” thing than anything. 529 more words

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Sipping Sake in Japan

Words/Pix: Henry Yuen

Chinese blog: http://blog.taiyanbao.ca/life/430786

Milder and lower alcohol content; a less floral but earthier bouquet; trimmer acidity with subtle sweetness are perhaps the reasons why sake has been favoured by Japanese and Asians.  665 more words

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11 Things I really love about Japan

Now that I’m warmed up, herewith are some of the many things I love about Japan.

1. Vending machines with hot and cold liquids. Pretty much wherever you go, you can buy a can of hot coffee (which makes a very good hand warmer in the winter) or cold tea, coffee, soda, or any number of mystery drinks – out of the same machine. 1,707 more words


What I Learned At The Tsukiji Fish Market

Being in the cold and desolate Saskatchewan air has made me miss my time in Japan so much more.

One of the highlights of my trip to Tokyo was visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest seafood market in the world. 21 more words