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Snowing Blossom

Waking up on our second full day, we found that the rain had followed us discreetly to Japan and planned on staying here for a number of days. 768 more words

Worlds Best Sword! |Tsukiji|

This fisherman catches blue fin tuna in the mediterranean off the the northeastern coast of Corsica and is a proud swordsman in Tsukiji @ 6am.

Curious About It?

Swimming Sashimi


I found the Tsukiji Fish Market to be an odd curiosity for the amazement it seems to inspire in its fellow reviewers. I thought my dad would be interested, given our life revolves in seafood. 712 more words


Tokyo Tourist Part II: Down to the Wire

It’s less than one week until departure and with many other things going on right now, like moving and sayonara sales (bleh!), J and I are in a mad dash to complete the last remaining items on our bucket list. 934 more words


Eurasia Trip 2014: Tokyo, Japan

We’re finally in TOKYO! Cue in the Tokyo Drift song! It’s been a long trip, we’re exhausted, but there’s still so much to do, see and eat! 1,019 more words


Spring Break in Tokyo: Part 1

The end of my teaching practicum coincided with the beginning of spring break. I thought about traveling out of Japan for the week, but why leave?  1,604 more words


Japan 2015, Episode 3: Sushi in Tsukiji (featuring "What Did We Learn Today"?)

Today, I give a little toast to my first major travel mistake of the trip. It had to happen sometime, and hey – it was more of a “poor planning” thing than anything. 533 more words

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