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ロケットさん Roketto-san

Arriving to Tsukuba was like being parachuted there. You could see it from afar, slowly getting closer but nothing could have prepared you for what happened when your feet hit the ground. 196 more words

Rinrin and Cherry Blossoms

I haven’t been riding as much as I would like recently. Mainly due to weather, health and new hobbies. But despite a sore throat that later turned into tonsillitis I got in my rental car and drove to one end of the Rinrin. 137 more words

Greeting from Mt. Tsukuba

By: Cat Palm

We arrived in Tsukuba at 7 PM after a long day of trekking around in Tokyo. When we arrived, the town was dark. 404 more words


The Long Road to Disability Rights in Japan


It had been a while since our previous post! Don’t worry, we have more posts coming up for next several weeks. Exciting, right?! 1,521 more words


New Bike, Lucky Break

This week I decided to get rid/sell my beloved Giant Bike and get a new..Giant Bike, but one that fits. Having bought a second hand one in the uk in my size I realised that it really isn’t good to ride a bike that is too big. 769 more words

43rd Annual Mt. Tsukuba Plum Festival

When: February 20th – March 21st
Where: Tsukuba and the Mt. Tsukuba Plum Forest

Tsukuba’s plum tree forest sits at around 250m above sea level, and from among the trees you can gaze out upon Tsukuba City, and even spot Mt. 149 more words

Upcoming Events

Awesome Cycle Day and Penis Festival

Yes you did just read that in the title.

I subscribe to a local blog that posted some interesting photos of a shrine about 10km from my house. 251 more words