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Fujisawa Rose Garden

Earlier this week, I read a blog entry in the Alien Times about the Fujisawa Rose Garden (link). According to the article, the Fujisawas are an influencal family in Tsukuba, who, about ten years ago, opened a rose garden to the public. 446 more words

Around Tsukuba

About Tsukuba City

Tsukuba city is located in Ibaraki prefecture and in the north of Tokyo. Mito city is the seat of prefectural government and is further northeast of Tsukuba city. 242 more words


Up Mount Tsukuba - almost

Ok, this was my first attempt on my giant bike to get up Mount Tsukuba or rather, up the back of it. A friend told me about a quieter route that goes around the back that many cyclists use. 673 more words

Cherry Blossom Bike Ride

After it finally stopped raining I decided to go on a ride. I haven’t been on a 30km+ ride for a while and I think my bum is starting to forget how to sit on a bike. 258 more words

Miatas @ Tsukuba

I’ve got this new obsession for Tsukuba cars. More on that topic later. But now for now, check out these Miatas at Tsukuba.


And finally, another one of my favorite Miatas (God does this thing still exist?) lapping Tsukuba:


Teaching a seminar on contemporary Senegalese Sufism

I am in Tsukuba, Japan, this week, teaching a seminar on contemporary Senegalese Sufism. A former student of mine, Matsubara Kosuke, is now a professor of urban planning at the… 487 more words