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Tokyo train company apologises for 20-second early departure

(Source: mothership.sg)

A Japanese train company has issued an official apology after one of its trains failed to stick to the timetable — by departing 20 seconds earlier than scheduled. 401 more words

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20 Tsuchiura

This is the second walk around Tsuchiura and is quite different from the first one. I much prefer this one and I think this might turn out to be one of my favourites from the whole book. 937 more words


Forest Adventure in Tsukuba

By Saki N.

ARUTASU Company began Forest Adventure as an outdoor park in 1997. It was successful that the idea was so successful that it was abroad, and now similar courses can be found all over the world. 249 more words


18 Tsukuba Shiyakusho Tsukubakoryu Center

This walk starts at a bus stop and goes around Hojo. I have been to this area many, many times. It is very popular for cycling as it is near the start of the Fudo Pass. 619 more words


22 Makabechō Iitsuka

I am a bit torn about this post. I really should explain all the places, but it is a small area and easy to explore. Basically, you should go there and wander around, it really is awesome. 340 more words


Siput pertama

okeh… (sambil tarik nafas, dan mulai berfikir) ! 😜

mengingat sensei (sebutan profesor bimbingan saya) tidak suka kalo saya terlalu sering maenan fesbuk (ini sepertinya dia khawatir saya jadi gak belajar serius 😁, padahal yaaaa kan saya emang hobi nulis ajah, hobi cerita, kan sebenernya belajar mah belajar, fesbuk mah fesbuk) jadilah tulisan saya alihkan ke wordpress ini aja. 322 more words

63. Japan: Ibaraki

This painting is “Landscape of Kasumigaura” (霞ヶ浦風景) by Takematsu Mitarai (御手洗 竹松). Kasumigaura, in Ibaraki Prefecture, is Japan’s second largest lake. Since 1988 Mitarai lives in Ibaraki at the foot of Mount Tsukuba (Tsukuba-san: 筑波山) and is known for painting the beauty of this mountain. 105 more words