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Naruto Season 4 Revisited: Fighting Dreamers

Hey Grimms,

I’m back at it with my Naruto reviews. So far I have reviewed seasons 1-3 and this will be my season 4 review. Exciting stuff! 605 more words

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Naruto Shippuden 284

narutxo_shipxuden_-_284x by dm_5070f8ca0f864 “Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!” Kakashi assigns Sai to take over for the Sealing Corps, who are recovering from sealing the reanimated shinobi. But Sai is not sure if he can handle the responsibility. 9 more words


Megahouse Naruto Gals -Tsunade Statue Figure Is Going On Preorder Stat!

Hey Rangers! Welcome back to superunimportantreviews.com. My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list. For today I got Tsunade from anime Naruto. 106 more words

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Naruto Girls

One of my favorite manga is Naruto, and I have been drawing fanart of its characters for years now. In fact, I can say that my Naruto fanarts are the most views in my galleries in general! 26 more words

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Naruto: Search for Tsunade (Episodes 81-100)

I’m past the Chunin Exams and into the next arc. This arc was a lot more relaxed as Naruto and Jiraiya go and find Tsunade to be the next Hokage (since the last one was killed by Orochimaru), but there was a lot of things going on as well. 762 more words


Naruto Shippuden 282

“The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team! ” Tsunade and the Raikage arrive to prevent Naruto and Killer Bee from joining the battle. But the two Kage fail to convince the Jinchuriki to turn back, forcing the Raikage to use extreme force.

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