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The Seven Generations of Hokage - Leaf Village

The Leaf Village was the first to be created, it was the first to show its ability as a united village along with many other clans to create a peaceful nation which brought about many other villages. 91 more words


The 3 Sannin (Naruto)

Hello all,

This is the 3 legendary Sannin, from left to right : Orochimaru, Jiraya and Tsunade :)


Paper Drawings

Naruto Shippuden 283

naruxen_-_283 by horse_doctor Season 12, Episode 283 – “Two Suns” Fourth Raikage Ay attacks Naruto in an attempt to prevent the Jinchuriki from falling into Madara’s hands. 19 more words


Naruto and Sasuke's Friendship! Filler Ends - Naruto Shippuden 450

Naruto Shippuden 450 see’s the end of the filler arc as both Naruto and Sasuke fight for a final time to solve out the fact that Sasuke wants to be Naruto’s friends and vice versa. 190 more words