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(Where am I?) Tsunade looked around but saw nothing but tech she had never seen but her bigger worry was why is she naked. Then 2 wired looking gray things came in the room. 170 more words


Demon Blood Chapter 1

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Warning! This does not follow the manga!

I know about the event that did happen with Sasuke and Naruto, but that was after I hand wrote the this and typed it out before reworking it. 3,727 more words


Chunin First Test Passed! Round Two - Naruto Shippuden 397

Naruto Shippuden 397 ends the first test of the Chunin Exam as most of them pass without doing a lot, they begin round two as a elimination round with the first 30 individuals to get there first will get the spot. 380 more words

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Chunin Exams Begin! Sakura's Strength - Naruto Shippuden 395

Naruto Shippuden 395 carry’s on with the Chunin Exams as we follow Sakura in her journey to become stronger. We also see Naruto train with Jiraiya in order to use Kurama’s chakra to his advantage. 435 more words

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The New Chunin Exams! Tsunade's Plan - Naruto Shippuden 394

Naruto Shippuden 394 gets underway in 2015 as we step into a filler episode as we go back to the days when Naruto is still training with Jiraiya. 542 more words

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You did well…

I just wanted to draw them together because of that cute moment they had in the latest chapter ;v; aw