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More Filler! Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi - Naruto Shippuden 437

Naruto Shippuden 437 see’s even more filler crap as Sasuke gets infected by Sasori’s poison while Neji goes on with the Masked Byakugan user in order to find out what his true plan is. 388 more words


Hyuga's Past! Tsunade's Tsukuyomi - Naruto Shippuden 436

Naruto Shippuden 436 drags on to continue with the stupid filler episode with Tsunade’s never-ending Tsukuyomi story just keeps on going on and on. We discover a little about the past in which the Hyuga’s were involved. 412 more words


Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi - Naruto Shippuden 432

Naruto Shippuden 432 begins Tsunade’s Infinite Tsukuyomi with an interesting twist as Naruto’s parents are alive and that Itachi hadn’t killed any of the members of the Uchiha. 530 more words


TTR/TTS: Naruto: The Search for Tsunade Arc

With Jiraiya having succeeded in forcing the Akatsuki to beat a hasty retreat, the old sage and Naruto proceed onwards with their quest to find the new Hokage, in spite of the fact that you would expect a village to want their next leader to be up to date in their local knowledge and unquestioningly loyal to the—oh screw it. 3,538 more words


Naruto Female Characters Compared to Greek Goddesses

Naruto is a great long running series, it has some great male and female characters which are loved by many fans. This posts will cover briefly who some Naruto female characters are if they were Greek Goddess’ as compiled by fans. 404 more words