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J. Rock - Southern All Stars

Southern All Starsサザンオールスターズ – It is  a J.Rock band that formed in 70s…….. The members of the group are Keisuke Kuwata(vocals leader), Takashi Omori(guitarist), Yuko Hara(keyboards), Kazuyuki Sekiguchi(bass), Hiroshi Matsuda(drums), and Hideyuki Nozawa(percussion).   46 more words


Aftershock rattles Japan's Fukushima region

A Mw 6.9 aftershock shook the Iwaki region of the coast of Japan on November 22, 2016. Considered an aftershock, since it was within 2 rupture lengths of the  2011 Great East Japan earthquake that itself ruptured a 300 km stretch of seafloor, this is just the latest shaker of the hundreds of quakes >Mw 4 that have occurred since March 11th, 5 years ago. 599 more words


Do not stir up love before it's time ... !

Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction and if you feel otherwise, its not my problem. !

                              Sarah answered the phone. It was him..! 626 more words

Life Can't Be Categorized ..!

Based on True Events

On March 11, 2011, a catastrophic earthquake hit Japan. Minutes later, a wall of the Pacific Ocean came slamming into the coast of Japan from a massive tsunami. 161 more words

Realistic Fiction/ Contemporary Fiction

Planetary Signs and Universal Perspectives

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 Alfred: A sense of benevolence – a feeling of benevolence that is turned towards you and me. 2,028 more words