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Volcano's collapse caused mega-tsunami (800 feet) 240 meters high – study

October 2015WEST AFRICA – The sudden collapse of a volcano caused a tsunami that created waves up to 240 meters (800ft) high 73,000 years ago, scientists have discovered. 355 more words
Earth Changes

Do You Know :

1. What is the biggest planet in our solar system – Jupiter

2. What is the chemical symbol for the element oxygen – O

3. Another name for a tidal wave is a ————– – Tsunami… 148 more words

Albert Einstein

From CBS: "Is ancient 800-ft megatsunami wave a sign of things to come?"

CBS News

October 2, 2015
Michael Casey

The tsunami generated by Fogo’s collapse apparently swept boulders like this one from the shoreline up into the highlands of Santiago Island. 654 more words

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Halloween 2015

There are many mansions
in the Land of Electronic Ghosts
There are many ways to get there
and many ways to leave
But there is always room… 25 more words


Before the Tsunami

Before the Tsunami
There comes a terrifying stillness
Before the wave comes
there is a time when the Sea is drawn back
Like the blanket of your parent’s bed… 91 more words


Episode 8: Disaster Strikes!

Travel can be exciting, thrilling, and fun…but we all have that tiny voice in our head that prays nothing goes wrong while we’re on a trip. 1,087 more words

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Tsunami: a dream extract

Something about the texture of the plastic under sheet on the mattress beneath me, a barrier to the persistent bed bugs of the household and the strongest deterrent our eccentric anti-chemical host is willing to impose against the infestation, keeps me from true sleep.

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