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While I'm Waiting

The other day on our way home, a song reached out and grabbed my heart. It hasn’t let go since. John Waller’s, “While I’m Waiting”. … 825 more words


It's Stork OTC Time!

If you follow me on Instagram (AdorkablyHappy), then you saw this pic on the 2nd-Positive OPKs!

That means Stork OTC time!!! In my last post, I shared with y’all how someone from Rinovum…the makers of the Stork OTC…contacted me about my previous… 1,924 more words



So next month will mark a year since I was last pregnant.

I’ll be 31 in November so while I know I’m not particularly old, I know that time is ticking on… 90 more words


36 Weeks!

I can’t believe i haven’t done a post in ages, time has literally got away from me. Everytime I say i’m going to something distracts me. 178 more words

Quick Update

FET scheduled for September. Got promoted at work, but no raise until next year (which sucks), but keeping busy really helps. I’m still super bummed about IVF not working, because my wife thinks we should transfer 2 next time, we’re not going to have any more left-over and will be at the end of the line.

Bloggers block

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m almost certain I’ve started a post with yhat sentence before. Sometimes if there’s not much to report, or I feel like I’m constantly being negative then I won’t blog. 249 more words



Well I think it is has been too long since I have written. ┬áSince my last entry there has no been no new news. Not pregnant, didn’t get pregnant, NOTHING. 359 more words