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I’m not pregnant this month, and I have to tell you…. I’m relieved.

Ok, I know that sounds bad considering for the past 3 years I’ve been writing about how much I  213 more words


Yup, two cribs and a bassinet...

…and no, we’re not crazy. Ok, so maybe I’m a little throwed off. But, hey-at least I own it.

I know I’ve explained the new blog & Insta name. 886 more words



So I naively thought I.V.F would be simple – I mean; I guess I knew it was a long, difficult process but I think I chose to overlook that part just so I could revel in the excitement for a while. 111 more words



My period arived this morning.

I’m okay with it. I’m feeling so positive this year that I genuinely don’t feel as shitty anymore when she comes to visit. 102 more words



I’m usually not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I think people are pressured in to doing something and if they dont… well, your partner obviously doesn’t love you enough. 163 more words



I unfollowed someone on Instagram yesterday because of her pregnancy announcement.

In my defence, i never blocked her so.. ya know..  progress.

I used to work with her and it’s not that I’m UNhappy for her – I just don’t want to see the picture updates. 198 more words

Recurrent Miscarriage

A (Not So Quick) Update

As promised, here is my catch up post on what’s been going on at Casa de Mo since we last chatted.

Ok, so the last real post I did was to announce that I had been chosen as a Stork OTC product ambassador for October-December of 2017. 1,789 more words