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Hey all. I appreciate everyone reading this blog reaching out and giving advice and email addresses. That is very sweet. I also appreciate my friends who have tried to say encouraging words. 64 more words


Little sad bits.

Today I got the first of the explanation of benefits for my pregnancy confirming HCG tests. There will be one more and then two miscarriage confirming tests to be billed.I knew they were coming, I didn’t know I was still quite as raw as I apparently am. 31 more words


Dance in the rain.....ADHD

All my life I did what was right. I worked hard in school. I got a job as soon as I could drive. I paid my bills. 789 more words



I’m so depressed today. I just feel like I need a good cry but the tears won’t come. I’m pretty sure I’ve been forgotten. The stork has passed me by. 123 more words


Just Relax.... What a Joke

Good morning all!!! I’m in that mood this morning. I have heard these two words over and over again. I’ve even been told by complete strangers. 205 more words


The final verdict

I spoke with my RE today and both doctors (his colleague did the ultrasound on Monday, the docs do the ultrasounds at my clinic so you get interpretation instantly) agree it was an ectopic miscarriage, but that my body shutting it down is a good thing and it happened so early that recovery is much easier for the body. 72 more words


Adoption Advice

Looking into adoption. Any tips or advice? What agencies did you use? How long was your wait time? Open adoption, closed adoption, domestic or international? If you chose adoption are you still looking into fertility treatments? 17 more words