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Anger, Frustration, and Heartache.

Something in particular has been weighing heavily on me today, that is the loss of friends while struggling through infertility.  I should probably rephrase, I still have wonderful friends, but things… 3,742 more words


Day 2 Clomid

Well day 1 was yesterday of Clomid. Only hot flashes to report! I’m hoping since its a low dose I won’t have many side effects. I feel overall pretty good. 37 more words


Well, this sucks.

I have cramps with a vengeance and it’s a new cycle for me. I have the worst acne breakout that I have had in over 20 years. 212 more words


Today is a bad day

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep or just being frustrated but looking on sites about PCOS is just getting me confused.

The last week my symptoms are getting worse. 527 more words


discouragement and hope

It can be so discouraging to try and get everything right in one month; timing, opks, everything…and still not have it be your month.

I am 12dpo and still getting bfns. 221 more words


PCOS, my life and the journey to Parenthood so far

It is no secret that I want kids, it is also no secret that I have dreamed of having the white picket fence, the kids hanging on my waist and the pets and husband also. 353 more words


Buserelin updates

So I thought that I would do a post with a daily update to my down regulation scan on the 4th August, to see if I get any more symptoms from day 4 of injecting my Buserelin (Suprecur) 840 more words