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Right on schedule

I did my fertility yoga practice this afternoon and shortly after I finished it, the painful ovaries kicked in. It’s a dull pain, but warm. And it’s enough to bring tears to my eyes at times. 41 more words


Breakin' it down

I started the first of 5 days of Letrozole today.  My ovaries already  feel like hot coals. Tomorrow they will start to hurt, by day 5 they will feel like bowling balls and the hot flashes will be starting. 89 more words


The Dreaded TWW!

Does anyone else suffer in their 2WW! Because I certainly do! I am a POAS-addict, and to be honest, I always have been. If i go shopping, and there is pregnancy tests, I buy them! 525 more words


Complicated Desire

I swear, there are times that I feel like I’m just watching life happen to everyone else. Like I’m sitting on a couch at a fantastic party, watching everyone else dance & have fun, no part of the merriment, accompanied only by the voices in my own head. 751 more words


Cycle 12

Officially got underway today, yesterday was just spotting, today is the real deal.
I got my crying out of my system yesterday.

I called my cycle start to the clinic and the plan is: 255 more words


Welp, I'm done.

with today. It can die in a fire, eat a bag of dicks and go straight to hell.

I knew it was coming, but getting my period still fucking sucks. 19 more words


Meet Alizabel! (And be ready for a picture overload!)

I read once when mothers can’t physically love their children, they seek elsewhere to place that love. I, for one, find this very factual. With every loss that I have had and when I have just become so bored and needed something to radiate the love I longed to let out of my heart, I got another animal since I could not produce a child. 317 more words