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I Guess I'd Better Introduce Myself..


Alot of you guys would be familiar with me and bits of my life from my Tumblr blog (thesecretlifeofaimee.tumblr.com).
But just incase you arent I thought I’d better let you guys know a little about me and my journey! 358 more words

About Me

My Mind Playing Tricks on Me

Ugh, I hate the 2WW.

I’m going to keep it real. My willpower isn’t great. It’s actually pretty crappy when it comes to pregnancy testing. I’m pretty good at waiting for other things that I really want. 172 more words



Maybe, just maybe, Allah put us in a situation where nobody else can truly or accurately understand our pain – the way we want them to – so that we’ll learn to rely on Allah alone because only He Knows Everything.

<3 Umm Auza’i Sim



Hello Lovelies!

September is PCOS awareness month so what better way to kick this month off than talk about what PCOS is! I know I have had explained it maaany times to people so I figure why not explain it here in hopes it gives others an idea as to what it is and what to look for. 431 more words


Clomid take 2

Well I have been a little quite lately. Round 2 of Clomid has begun. No side effects that I can tell. I am just keeping everything crossed. 75 more words


5 days to go!!

Hello :) ❤️

So i haven’t blogged in a couple of days due to being ill and just mainly sleeping it off. I’m feeling a lot better now!! 273 more words


Can You Feel It?

Today is the King of Pop’s birthday. Here’s a rad fact – both of my kids’ middle names – Michael – is in honor of him. 372 more words