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Bloggers block

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m almost certain I’ve started a post with yhat sentence before. Sometimes if there’s not much to report, or I feel like I’m constantly being negative then I won’t blog. 249 more words



Well I think it is has been too long since I have written.  Since my last entry there has no been no new news. Not pregnant, didn’t get pregnant, NOTHING. 359 more words



I think this afternoon I must’ve started the hormonal crash from how I stopped all of the meds (estrogen patches and progesterone) yesterday morning. Everything feels bleak, I feel incapable, and like nothing will ever turn out well again. 200 more words

Pre-beta dreams

So I had even more vivid dreams last night. I dreamed I was visiting my parents (something I haven’t done in like 10+ years), and my period came pretty explosively as soon as I sat down on a toilet, so I didn’t need to bother with a beta test.   271 more words


So, 2 blasts were transferred, 2 frozen, on Sunday (well, 1 of the 2 was frozen on Monday). I’m 4 days out and looking forward to peeing on things. 105 more words

Mother's Day Embryo Transfer

So I had 2 grade 2B blasts transferred today. a 3B and if it develops tomorrow morula, will be frozen (edit: update, the morula became a 3B and was frozen). 35 more words

Drop Off AKA the Embryo Hunger Games

So now I have 5-6 normal embryo as of day 3. I’m hoping they’re all fighters who make it to tomorrow (and freezing if not transferred – we’re going to transfer two).   9 more words