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Day 6 - NIAW - Join the Discussion

Day 6 of NIAW reminds us not to be afraid to join the discussion, support group or to share your story. There are a lot of us out here on this journey and your story just might help someone else. 15 more words


Asking for support - NIAW Day 4

Another great post to keep the infertility awareness discussion going this week. Infertility can be a lot to handle for any couple, Dani reminds us that we should not be afraid to ask for help. 19 more words


Ups And Downs

It hasn’t been the best couple of days for me. If you’ve read my last post, that won’t exactly come as a surprise. I probably post a bit too hastily at times, but I think it shows the ups and downs of  TTC. 283 more words


NIAW Bloggers Unite - Day 1 & 3

After some not so positive news this week, it is great to be part of this blogger conference.

Please go out and show some support for my fellow Day 1 and Day 3 bloggers.   45 more words


Beta Results

So we went to get our beta yesterday morning. My nerves were in knots and my wife probably had the worst sleep she has had in weeks the night before. 713 more words


NIAW Bloggers Unite Conference - Day 2

The national organization for infertility, Resolve.org has encourage supporters to #startaskin about issues that affect the infertility community.  I am more than honored to be part of this NIAW conversation, thanks to a fellow activist and blogger, MissConceptionCoach.com.   695 more words


Two Week Wait...Fear of the Beta...

Crazy to think that the end of our two week wait falls in line with National Infertility Awareness Week. This time last year, we were convinced that IVF would be successful for us, yet we fell victim to infertility yet again. 2,634 more words