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Waiting Room Blues

I absolutely hate going to the doctor. The brownish cream colored walls. The ugly seats. The smell. The fact that the TV behind me is set to play some health shit. 386 more words


Last week I made fun of our GM, something I do on the regular, for saying ‘Hold Your Horses’ and sounding like a Dad. He and his wife welcomed their first born a couple months ago. 638 more words

Déjà vu

It’s déjà vu, these blank ovulation tests, the waiting and the impatience, the cycle of hope and disappointment.

Heart pounding when I take my temperature in the morning, anticipating that maybe this morning it will rise, fearing that this morning it will drop. 371 more words


Fertilization Report.

I got the fertilization report this morning. Out of the 22 eggs collected 19 were mature. Out of the 19 mature eggs, 12 fertilized. I’m happy with the 12 embryos but a little disappointed with losing so many in the first day. 31 more words

First Baby

What's Around the Corner

My husband and I have decided to start trying to have a baby.

I’m both terrified and extremely excited.

I debated about posting this on here for a while since it’s different than some of the other topics covered. 531 more words

My Slimming Journey 

So following the miscarriage I didn’t focus on what I was eating or drinking so all the amazing work I’d put in prior to the wedding (3 stone loss) slowly crept back up. 350 more words