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Christmas Heartache

I usually love visiting my in-laws, especially at Christmas. My MIL adores Christmas, and they go all out with decorations, desserts, and presents. But some things happened this year that left a bad taste in my mouth, and I’m glad we don’t have another trip booked anytime soon. 1,300 more words

In The Beginning...

So sorry in advance if this is kinda messy, this is my first time blogging.

So where does every great story start, in the beginning. 582 more words


They Lie To You In School

In school you learn that if you have sex, there’s a 99% chance you’ll get pregnant. They may not say those exact words, but they definitely make out that’s what they mean. 90 more words


I Hate It

It’s horrible what fertility problems do to you, they really change you and it’s so sad. I have always loved babies, my whole life. I’ve always been over joyed to spend time with them, seeing people show off their baby scans, sharing photo’s of their babies. 349 more words


Can't Imagine

The one thing I literally can’t even imagine, is ever seeing a positive pregnancy test. I feel like if I was ever to see one, from myself I mean, then I’d probably have a heart attack… I just can’t even picture it happening. 15 more words


If you got pregnant on accident, I envy you.

The title says it all. Conception is hard; so hard, sometimes.

I’m always so surprised when people get pregnant on accident. I mean, the average woman ovulates once a month. 383 more words


To The Babies I'm Waiting For

My Precious Miracle,

I dream of you all the time. I often wonder if you will have your Daddy’s eyes or my dimples. I wonder if you will be hilarious like your Daddy or stubborn like me? 638 more words