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Exciting Updates :)

Some exciting things have been happening in the Brown household these past few weeks.

First of all, our house is slowly starting to come together. Our cabinets in our kitchen, laundry room, and master bath are getting installed this weekend. 1,324 more words

Our Fertility Process

Beta Day.

So today is the dreaded beta day… well for some it’s the most anticipated day of their IVF cycle. But for people like me with multiple IVF fails, it’s the day where all tiny little bit of hope that you are holding onto even after a million negative home pregnancy tests gets taken away from you. 464 more words



I’m so nervous for tomorrow’s blood and ultrasound… just the thought of it gives me butterflies. I’m absolutely excited and also so terrified. I would be beyond thrilled if there was a change… lining growth… egg growth… and just immediately depressed if nothing was happening. 16 more words

IUI #2: The Little Eggy the Could?

Well, it’s CD 16.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet these past 2 weeks or so- I guess not a bunch has been going on. Had a pretty quiet week after taking my femara. 107 more words


We're Going to Make It

“Once we’re in the air, it’s 100% sure we’re going to make it.”

Several years ago, I stood in line behind two young boys while waiting to board a plane.  344 more words

The Plan

Hi Baby,

Today your daddy expressed his full excitement about you! He’s scared of course because he wants to make sure he is the best parent he can be to you, but he is so incredibly excited. 1,237 more words


Side effects are on form! The one where I over-share about childhood & paranoia

Side effects of the second round

I was doing my 25 minute walk from home to the station this morning (before boarding the train to London and then doing another 20 minute walk the other side before finally reaching the office) it’s these walks that at the moment I am struggling with. 1,474 more words