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How the hell did I even get here?!

I just want to take some time here to say how utterly amazed and thankful I am to be in the position in life that I am to be able to do IVF in the first damn place. 118 more words


Is that my ovary??

It turns out I was so busy trying to get this blog up and running that we were late for our appointment, only by about 10 minutes, but still.. 475 more words



Next step! My very clever endometrium now measures a slim 2.9mm! Wooop go me. Ovaries are behaving themselves so we’re going for it with the stimulation drugs. 213 more words


Parking For Expecting Mothers Only

Envy is the art of counting another’s blessings instead of your own


When you want something, I mean really want it, do you see other people that have it everywhere you go? 378 more words


CD 5

Good morning,

Thankfully Aunt Flow seems to be packing up to leave – hopefully she leaves for the next 9 months would be great. This period was pretty much my normal period except that there was minimal spotting before it started and the cramps on the first day were ridiculously painful. 293 more words

TTC, 2 transit officers sued for $4M in violent Union Station confrontation

A Toronto father and son have launched a $4-million lawsuit against the Toronto Transit Commission and two of its transit enforcement officers in connection to a violent confrontation at Union Station two years ago. 460 more words


The Cranky Uterus

I guess I should start with the reason behind this.. the catalyst you might say. I wanted to do this, and start this today because today is a very important and somewhat scary day for me, the beginning of a journey that many go through but few really talk about and I think that should change. 295 more words