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10 Things of Thankful - My very first one

10 Things of Thankful

I’ve been meaning to do a TToT post for a long time now . . . I tend to procrastinate. A lot. 1,457 more words


TToT and A to Z Learn Something New Every Day


I’ve been feeling a bit sentimental about friendships lately. Maybe it’s my age (52) and all the organic emotional upheaval that comes with it and hot flashes, maybe it’s my health issue which seems to be on a slow train but steadily picking up speed and then reversing so I never know where the next stop is going to be or for how long. 679 more words

Ten Things Of Thankful: Through My Lens

Sometimes, scrolling through your recent photos shows you just how many moments you have to be thankful for in life.

Give it a go!

Sweet Brothers… 33 more words

What Is Your Definition Of Being 'Off The Grid'

You may hear the term “going off the grid” but what does it really mean? 412 more words


Preparing my carry-on

I leave for my big adventure in less than two weeks (OMG) and so the packing preparation I’ve been doing for the last several months is now actually coming to a head. 596 more words


Ten Things Of Thankful

1. I’m thankful I have the physical ability to drag myself to the gym every day even if the enthusiasm isn’t always there. I’m always thankful I did it when it’s over. 243 more words


TToT: The Superhero Version

What Happened?

When we last left our heroine source  she was struggling to maintain her sanity in light of illness, loss, and an insanely… 811 more words

Ten Things Of Thankful