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TToT - Ten Things of Thankful #4! Survived ANOTHER week!

And another week has passed us by, I’m tempted to say it would probably be easier to come of with a list of ten things I am not thankful for, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of this fabulous link-up. 256 more words


Liebster Award

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I don’t follow a “conventional blogging” pattern (aka definitely not blogging every week!). Since I’m not traveling all the time, I love to dive deeper into the cultural nuances of travel and post observations, and enjoy hearing from fellow travelers about their experiences – hence why I’ve highlighted several guest bloggers recently. 1,064 more words


Four Fab Things to See/Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

Boasting a mellow atmosphere in stunning, scenic surroundings, Luang Prabang in Laos is a far cry from the alcohol-fueled mania, which encapsulates the tourist-oriented town of Vang Vieng 6 hours further south. 495 more words


A Rainbow in Even the Darkest of Clouds

I will be honest; I wasn’t going to write anything for Ten Things of Thankful. Again. Ugh. BUT, then I remembered that this week marks the 100th week! 893 more words


Celebrating TToT with 110 Thankful Things

TToT is in celebration mode! 100 link-ups and going strong! I’ve been reading the Thankful Things posts longer than I’ve been participating, this is only my third time joining in and since we’re celebrating, I added 100 random things I’m thankful for to my ten things. 1,954 more words


Where it all Began...

The warm wind blew my hair into a bedraggled birds nest, resembling those in the leafy trees above, as we bumbled down a dusty dirt track. 417 more words


My Amazon Experience

I visited the Amazon Rainforest in December 2011 on the Peruvian side. Being an enthusiast about the environment and conservation, I was really excited about visiting the Amazon jungle but this excitement quickly faded into nervousness when I got there because I wasn’t quite used to the discomfort of sleeping in a rainforest with insects and bugs all around waiting to attack me at any second. 934 more words

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