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A Walk to Remember #2

I really have my “me-time” this new year that should have been done for years. Hesitated at the beginning but found to be grateful at the end as I deserved it. 306 more words


From Chinatown Heritage Centre to the Temples #1

If you are more of the cultural type of person, Chinatown Heritage Centre can be cherished. We maybsee the life and tales of Singapore’s early Chinese days. 100 more words


A Walk to Remember #1

Today is the Chinese New Year . Feeling so lazy to get up out of my bed, I only want to lay down all day long doing nothing. 269 more words


Lunar New Year 2017: Walk in My Memories

Singapore has so many stories of my early life, from stepping into my teens and learning to be a maturer person to the turning point of my early 30’s. 327 more words


Aaah! The lyrics ” My dream is too fly, over the rainbow, so high”. A cult hit a few years ago! And one that still gives me all the feels. 1,398 more words


#76 - From Melbourne to Manila

Derek of Deztreks.com joins me to discuss the life he has created for himself in the Philippines. 13 years ago, Derek made the switch from living in Melbourne to The Philippines where he has immersed himself into the countries culture and has spent that time exploring theĀ great places the country has to offer. 52 more words