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Joey Royale Guest Post

It’s Friday, which means I get to introduce you to a Kickstarter I am really excited for, Darkest Dice. Luckily, Joey Royale, the writer behind Darkest Dice, was willing to provide some words to help out. 262 more words

Tympest Books

Warrior's Fist 19 Street Fighter Translation

Here is another translation of Punho do Guerreiro, a Brazilian fanzine for Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG).

This issue gives simplified rules to capture the essence of a Football match. 102 more words


Don’t Pass These Up.

Are you an adult like me? If so, then you’re probably on a budget and it sucks. Do you also happen to like old school RPGs? 1,341 more words


Finding Paths: Armor Up

The basics of Pathfinder are very similar to that of D&D games, so I won’t dwell on the basics, but instead go right into the things I most often have to revisit and look up no matter how long we’ve been playing. 795 more words

TTRPG Resources

Castles & Crusades Diary: The Barrowmaze Campaign, Session 34.

The adventurers meet Lord Viscount Kell Ironguard in the aftermath of the Hobgoblin army invading the Duchy of Aerik. They choose a name for themselves – The Army of the Light – and enter a dangerous woodland hydra lair. 1,028 more words

Role Playing Games

Yuda, the Fletcher: "World Tree Arc" Retrospective | Ironsworn Solo Play

The World Tree Arc: Session 1

With 12 consecutive sessions of Ironsworn under my belt and my style of play pretty firmly established at this point, I thought I would take some time to reflect on what turned out to be a pretty nicely bookended arc. 696 more words


Yuda, the Fletcher: Session 12 | Ironsworn Solo Play

Previous Session: Session 11

+3 Heart
+1 Iron
+1 Shadow
+2 Wits
+2 Vow (Dangerous): Deliver the grain to the World Tree Pillar # 2,622 more words