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Eric Jacobus Performs Bryan Fury's Tekken 7 Movelist

Slugging it out Karate style, Eric Jacobus tackles Bryan Fury’s Tekken 7 movelist in real life (IRL).

Eric Jacobus Kicks It As Lee Chaolan In Real Life

Stuntman Eric Jacobus is at it again with his latest movelist. This time it’s Lee Chaolan from Tekken!


Eric Jacobus Is Baek With A Vengeance - Another Tekken Movelist

Eric Jacobus returns to tackle another Taekwondo movelist from Tekken, this time that of Baek Doo San.

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Suspenders of Disbelief - Eric Jacobus Tackles Bob's Tekken Movelist

Eric Jacobus snaps on the suspenders once more to take on Bob Richards’ movelist in this week’s Tekken-iques video!

Eric Jacobus Trains Kung Fu With Tekken's Lei Wulong

They never said the 5 Animal Forms of Kung Fu were easy. Fortunately for Eric, Lei Wulong is the perfect training partner. Watch him shadow the Tekken master.

Eric Jacobus copies Hwoarang's Move List from Tekken - Ends up with killer workout

Eric didn’t have a Taekwondo training partner for the day, so who better to train with than Hwoarang from Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

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