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A bunch of Alisa & Miguel combos from Ao (raw and unedited)


– b+1, ws+1,2, f+1, b+4,3 B! ws+2~5
– f+1, f+2, d/f+1, f+1, b+4,3 B! iWR3,4 W! b+3+4~5
– f+2, 1, f+2, f+1, b+4,3~5 TA! 398 more words


The Fool's guide to Ling Xiaoyu

Note: This is a work in progress. Xiaoyu’s not exactly the easiest character to learn. 

  • ****BNB***
  • 1,2>1 (3rd hit delayable and wall splats/KDs). 1,d+2 (goes into RDS.
  • 413 more words

The fool's guide to Bruce (TTT2)


  • ***Punishers***
  • 10f – 1,4,3.
  • 12f – f+2,4. (KDs . Wall splats)
  • 13f – ws+2,1 (M H). 3(M).
  • 14f – u/f+3+4 (KDs). d/f+4 (goes into MT)
  • 565 more words
Fighting Games

Game Machina - Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Part 3 Revolution

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Part 3:Revolution

Along side Tekken Tag 2 I’ve also been playing some Tekken Revolution, Soul Calibur Lost Swords and DOA 5 Ultimate. 388 more words

Fighting Games

(New) Max Damage ws+2,3 Solo Lee

Finally after my last exam I had a bit more time for practice in Tekken. As I was studying anti-Lili I was distracted by another… 72 more words