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Tu BiShvat & "Intermarriage" News

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated Tu BiShvat, the Jewish new year of the trees. We sang songs about trees in Hebrew, said blessings over fruits of the trees, and shared grape juice, almonds, and dates in a Tu BiShvat seder meal. 425 more words


Tu Bishvat: Sowing the Seeds of Peace

I was told on more than one occasion growing up that Tu Bishvat was “the Jewish Earth Day” and “a Jewish Hippie Holiday.” I was therefore surprised to learn years later that Tu Bishvat actually had some of its roots in war. 1,214 more words

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Shabbat & Tu Bishvat


I had a grand plan this morning!!! I was going to work at my paid job until 4:30, and then write a post in the spare hour I’d have after driving to the synagogue. 138 more words


Parashat Beshalach / פרשת בשלח

Shabbat Times Jerusalem, Israel

Shabbat - Torah Readings - Yahweh's Instructions

Beshallach (Ex. 13:17–17:16), Shabbat Shirah, Tu Bishvat

(Mainly taken from 2014’s comments)

This week, the Israelites complete their escape from Egypt.  However, they cannot escape from each other.

All seems well at first.  1,033 more words

The almond Tree

11 Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” And I said, “I see a branch of an…

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