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BK Books (#OpenAccess books by TU Delft • Library • Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment)

BK BOOKS is dedicated to book publications and journal issues that are authored, edited and/or published by staff members of TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, or its predecessors: Faculty of Architecture // OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment // Berlage Institute. 48 more words


Shake Hands with 3D-printed Robotic Limb | Rob Scharff

“Robots are becoming omnipresent in our lives,” says Rob Scharff, who created a 3D-printed robotic hand, that can actually shake hands with humans. And when we say ‘shake hands’, this happens through the robot’s own tactile feedback, and not some remote operated input. 37 more words


Understanding Innovation – Types, Categories & Design

“Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not”. – Isaac Asimov, Professor & Science Fiction Author… 231 more words


Mengapa Kuliah di Belanda?

Alhamdulillaah, setelah sudah beberapa bulan di TU Delft, saya merasa kampus ini adalah pilihan yang tepat. Setelah melalui berbagai perjalanan yang panjang serta pertimbangan yang matang, akhirnya Yang Di Atas mengarahkan saya untuk menimba ilmu di sini, di Delft, sebuah… 564 more words



or: the analysis of architecture

All Souls 2006

…to conjure
up Woman and soothe the bitter pain
of having just one prick…

Je suis foutu. Tu m’as vaincu. 1,526 more words

Art Criticism


Zoals jullie wellicht gemerkt hebben is de afgelopen weken niet veel meer gepost op deze blog. Het traineeship voor ons cohort 2014 is namelijk bijna ten einde, en iedereen gaat zijn eigen weg. 1,211 more words


The New University

Dutch universities are struggling with their identity. Over the last decade profound changes have been made to management and education More than before the universities are hinging on private capital to fund their research. 1,000 more words