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Destination – Armenia (AM)

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TU Delft

#1857 - A Theme for January


My Facebook friends have already known this for a while so I think now it is time to share this news here in my blog. 473 more words

Zilko's Life

Intel Bets It Can Turn Everyday Silicon into Quantum Computing’s Wonder Material

December 18, 2016

Sometimes the solution to a problem is staring you in the face all along. Chip maker Intel is betting that will be true in the race to build quantum computers—machines that should offer immense processing power by exploiting the oddities of quantum mechanics. 546 more words

Computer Science

Displaced Desi student - Abroad

*Stomach growls loudly*

“Oh my god, did anyone else hear that’’, I think to myself.

“Maybe I’ll cover it up with some loud coughing’’

*coughs as if I’m dying of Tuberculosis* 623 more words


Start of Day 3 in Netherlands..

26.09.2016 – Day 3

We arrived on the 23rd, and day 1 and 2 in Netherlands has been fun, exciting, mesmerizing and also a little tiring. 468 more words


TU Delft


When your sister decides to become a hotshot aerospace engineer..you get to go visit her place of study.

Day 2 at Delft: exploring the the university which is popularly known to create braniacs..and yes, my sister is one of them. 141 more words


Sustainable building

In our series on sustainable building we visited the Pret-a-Loger house, a zero energy retrofit, at Delft University of Technology. Prof. Andy van den Dobbelsteen gives a tour of the house and the main technologies that were used in it.