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Mooc by TU Delft for Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet

TU Delft, Netherlands has launched a MOOC on edx which is about quantum computing and quantum internet. Although, both the technologies are not in very advanced stage, but so was internet few decades ago, and now it is part of our life. 85 more words

Future Of Computing

Dennett's critique of Qualia #2: color inversion and behavior

(Below a follow-up on a previous post about Dennett’s ‘Consciousness Explained’. This note draws on discussions with the study group on this text at the TU Delft) 1,307 more words

Dennett's critique of Qualia #1: inversion goggles

(Below are some quick notes based on discussion of Dennetts ‘Consciousness Explained’ with the study group at the TU Delft. For a second note, follow this… 693 more words

Update for 2018

Dear readers,

After the previous blog post, I was occupied with finishing my Master thesis as well as moving onto a PhD program. Now, I am happy to share two publications from my previous year’s work on the following topics: 114 more words

Solar Cell Research

The first steps

Great news! We are involved in a new project in Mozambique and that’s always very exciting! In the past few months we have been quite busy setting-up a NUFFIC-funded capacity building project in the Zambezi Valley. 1,840 more words

TU Delft Strategic Framework 2018-2024: what does it mean for #OpenScience

TU Delft published its new Strategic Framework 2018-2024 on 12 January, during the Open Science Symposium and its 176th birthday celebration.

The framework is entitled “Impact for a better society” and  1,003 more words

Open Access

Campus combi: solid, liquid & gas (2)

by Alexandra den Heijer

Last week I gave four lectures – in Breda (NHTV), Amsterdam (AMC) and Liverpool (AUDE) – in which I presented my “solid, liquid & gas” metaphor for both the university and the campus. 125 more words

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