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A ballet of balloons

Balloons are dancing in the wind over the surface of a square. This experiment is part of a concept for our Oerol project. In this concept balloons are used to carry small amounts of sand along the beach, as a metaphor for the moving of Terschelling. 9 more words

Concepts And Sketches

What we've been up to so far

It’s been a month since we started the TU Delft Oerol project

A lot has happened! So here is a summary of what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been generating ideas 401 more words

Concepts And Sketches

Nano-scale Properties of the Amyloid Life-Cycle

Speaker: Wei-Feng Xue
Department: School of Biosciences, University of Kent
Subject: Nano-scale Properties of the Amyloid Life-Cycle
Location: TU Delft
Date: May 16, 2016

author: Teun Huijben… 709 more words

Seminar Report

DARE Developing Cryogenic Tanks

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering have been investigating the safe storage of liquid oxygen that could feature in the next rocket project. The team has been looking into 3 different tank designs in order to achieve this, a welded aluminium design, aluminium with sealed bolt on bulkheads and a composite design with an inner liner. 129 more words


The Push and Pull of Mitochondrial Gymnastics

Speaker: Benoit Kornmann

Department: School of and biochemistry, Georgia Tech Department Subject: The Push and Pull of Mitochondrial Gymnastics     Location: Department of Bionanoscience, TU-Delft Date: 17-03-2016… 1,097 more words
Seminar Report

3D mammalian genome organization and function

Speaker: Wouter de Laat

Department: Bionanoscience

Subject: 3D mammalian genome organization and function          

Location: TU Delft

Date: 11-2-16

Author: Hielke Walinga

Our DNA consists of long strands of bases that appear to have no function at all. 589 more words

Seminar Report

UntukMu Indonesiaku

Menjadi pemuda yang menghabiskan waktu di pusat perbelanjaan, jalan – jalan, atau nongkrong sudahlah biasa. Namun menjadi pemuda yang mau berusaha untuk menjadi solusi dari permasalahan lingkungan sekitarnya adalah pemuda yang dibutuhkan oleh bangsa Indonesia saat ini. 719 more words

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