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The Girl in the Tower

Photo of Tory Island Cliffs by Sara Everett, licensed under Creative Commons

Eithne wandered to her bedroom window, rubbing her eyes and trying to make sense of the strange dream she’d just had. 880 more words


Legends of the tombs of Ireland.

Ireland is a magical place full of megalithic tombs. Some say that these tombs were probably built before the arrival of the Celts, who called them fairy mounds and believed that the spirits of ancient people–bold heroes and brave maidens–lived there. 909 more words



Summer ends at Samhain,
The days grow shorter and colder
As Winter takes hold of our world.
Bonfires lit to hold back the encroaching
Darkness and death. 80 more words


Áine, Celtic Goddess

Water had a special magic for the Celts as a symbol of vitality and inspiration. The fact that it could capture lights (for example, a reflection of the setting sun) could not be rationally explained and was taken as proof of supernatural properties. 350 more words

Irish Mythology

Lia Fáil and Cú Chulainn

The Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny) is a stone at the Inauguration Mound (an Forrad) on the Hill of Tara in Co Meath, which served as the coronation stone for the High Kings of Ireland. 374 more words

Irish History

Epochs & The Book of Invasions

I have been going on about archeological and geological times frames, periods and epochs recently and I want to try and put this into some kind of framework with regard to Ireland and the first people to inhabit the island. 710 more words

Celtic Trivia

Swan Song

Photo of Belmullet by P.J. McKenna

When shall the swan, her death note singing
Sleep with the wings her darkness furled
When will Heav’n, it’s sweet bells ringing…

968 more words