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Being led astray: Part two (where I lose my shoes and my wits)

I don’t remember ever losing my wits before, but I can remember clearly losing a pair of shoes.

It was 1980 and I was cycling the wild Atlantic way. 2,284 more words

A Story

The Legend of Sadhbh

Sadhbh’s story, according to Lady Gregory’s Complete Irish Mythology describes how she was cursed by a dark sorcerer of the Tuatha Dé Danann named Fer Doirich. 514 more words

Irish History

Sun god Lugh Lamhfada "Lightning-Flash" Celtic mythology


Lugh’s name has been interpreted as deriving from the Proto-Indo-European root *leuk- “flashing light” and he is often surrounded by solar imagery so from Victorian times he has often been considered a sun god similar to the Greco-Roman Apollo though historically he is only ever equated with Mercury. 607 more words


The Tuatha de Danann and Spirituality

Since writing about the Tuatha de Danann  here I have been drawn to read more about the legends associated with them.

The first written account of the Tuatha de Danann is in ‘The Book of Invasions’ (Lebor Gebála Érénn) which was compiled by monks from folkloric tales around 1150.    772 more words


Between Realities – Calm and Chaos

“Suzanne has a magical experience with the Tuatha de Danann. She comes to the conclusion that they do indeed live beneath that hill and that they can wield powerful magic…” I believe, do you? 43 more words

Fairy Connections

Between Realities

Exhausted, I sat upon a mound on the Hill of Tara in Ireland.   The light was golden and a soft breeze ruffled my clothes.   The troubles I carried with me weighed heavily on my mind and without conscious thought I offered a prayer to the Great Whatever – a simple, instinctual cry for help. 549 more words

Colleen's Tanka Challenge

My Past Lives In Chronological Order

May this help you remember your own.

While I get visions in energy waves and surges through my body, I can not see a direct past life experience, I FEEL them within my being and get signs when I see certain things or remember things. 1,286 more words