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Splitting Autumn's Sky

This piece was written in response to Naviarhaiku 211 – Giant pasania tree.

Giant pasania tree,
autumn’s sky.

This is a haiku by Takahama Kyoshi. 27 more words


Bassline Academy - Lingus, Michael League

Lingus has got to be one of my favourite Snarky Puppy tunes. Cory Henry’s epic solo will surely go down in history as one the greats, and underpinning it all is Michael League’s bass, which I think is a great example of groovy restraint. 380 more words

Richard Fox

December 20th - Go Caroling Day

Come hear those sleigh bells jingling ring dingaling aling do!

I love Christmas carols and Christmas songs and Christmas hymns. I even went to church this Sunday just because I was told that 11 carols will be sung. 96 more words

Blogging Every Day

Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like 125 Tubas Playing Christmas Carols

Imagine dozens and dozens of tubas playing Christmas tunes in unison. It sounds a little weird and maybe a hoax, but Tuba Christmas is most definitely real. 311 more words



my final performance,
not grand or overly special,
but rather familiar,
sinking into the same songs,
dancing the same dances,
for the last time. 34 more words


Want a Full Sound? Vibrate!

Low brass players necessarily have a great interest in learning to efficiently and effectively move air through their instruments. Tubas and bass and contrabass trombones require that their players generate tremendous airflow in order to produce and sustain a tone, and the euphonium, baritone, and smaller trombones are not far behind. 753 more words

Teaching Low Brass