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Beautiful Women Playing Tuba pt. 67

It is my utmost pleasure to present to you, the most beautiful metal alloy specialist from Istanbul, Turkey, Azer!

P.S. Gig tonight at the Music Hall Loft in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 18 more words


Does the Tongue Start the Note?

Articulation on brass instruments is a relatively simple affair, or at least it ought to be. I frequently admonish the young teachers in my methods classes to teach tonguing to beginning students not by using anatomical explanations of tongue placement, but by simply telling students to say “tah.” As students progress the variants “dah” and in select cases even “thah” are added, along with “kah” and “gah” that are introduced for multiple-tonguing patterns. 655 more words


Gene Pokorny Interview (Part Two)

The Northshore Concert Band is honored to welcome Guest Soloist Gene Pokorny, Principal Tuba Of The Chicago Symphony Orchestra for the first concert of out 61st season!  829 more words


Women Can't Play Brass Instruments? Tubad. You're Wrong.

Gustave Kerker once said, “Women cannot possibly play brass instruments and look pretty, and why should they spoil their good looks?” Yet women, including Alicen, continue to push and break the stereotypes and boundaries women face when it comes down to the art of music. 643 more words

Go Girl

Beautiful Women Playing Tuba pt. 66

It is my utmost pleasure to introduce to you, the most beautiful trombonist/bar owner in Wilmington, North Carolina, Maaike! I’m sure we’ll be sharing the stage with her and her band , The Phantom Playboys, when we return to Wilmington. 29 more words


Does my child need a teacher?

If your child has signed up for a school band or orchestra, private lessons are usually not required. In my experience, private lessons are not uncommon but the majority of students in public school instrumental programs do not take private lessons. 408 more words


The Punt on show

Over 5 years ago a simple small boat, a punt, based on a design from the 1930s by Edward Monk, was a winter building exercise in the harbourside workshops. 116 more words