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Following British MP Jeremy Hunt with a Sousaphone

A bit of fun here when a Channel 4 presenter decided to send a Sousaphone after Jeremy Hunt. His reaction is priceless. Watch the video below.


Hakuna Matata

It’s another Monday funday here at The Nest, which has been starting your week off with only the finest musical earworms for 14 months now.  This is a very special Monday, as it marks the start of our venture into the upper crust of my Top 30 Cover Songs of All Time countdown!  561 more words



To me, this is the perfect protest:  don’t get angry, don’t scream yourself red in the face, don’t throw rocks; just play your tuba and make them look ridiculous.  6 more words

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How to Insult a Neo-Nazi

I don’t know what a sousaphone is. It sounds like a tuba. It even looks like a tuba. I can say that for sure. Matt Buck of Columbia, South Carolina has a sousaphone and found a musical, if not inventive, way to insult the bigots of several white supremacist groups. 69 more words


Shocking New Research: Anything Is Funnier When Accompanied By A Tuba

Scientists from a Northeastern University have released the results of a 16 year-long study examining how effectively each musical instrument can mock someone or make a situation funnier. 178 more words

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Tuba Player Mocks KKK/Confederate Rally With Clever Hilarity

What a fantastic, innovative, and hilarious way to protest against bigots supposedly protesting for their “cultural heritage” (the culture that discriminates extremely against other races). 7 more words

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