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#WxGeekSpeak: Inversion

Every week, the blog introduces you to a technical term from the American Meteorology Society’s “Glossary of Meteorology”. Welcome to #WxGeekSpeak!

Ever wonder why there’s a haze over the Old Pueblo during winter mornings? 66 more words


Too Good To Waste

Flies swarm around the piles of dark, rich soil heaped up into windrows. A mound of rotting produce dumped by the City of Tucson earlier in the morning seeps into the soil. 1,179 more words


Camera Trap Action

I recently set up a white-flash camera trap on the waterhole in my backyard.  The difference between this camera and other traditional camera traps is that it uses a white-flash, just like your camera flash, to capture the photo or video of the animals when the motion sensor is triggered.   173 more words



Charlie Rangel was being interviewed on NPR two weeks ago, but here is the web version from CBS:

Rangel, Boxer Propose Constitutional Amendment Abolishing Electoral College…

607 more words

Climatology 101: The Autumn with no chill

It was almost as if Autumn never arrived in the Sonoran Desert.

Tucson’s average temperature last month checked in at a balmy 64°, good for the 6th warmest November on record. 953 more words


Catching up, moving forward

Yes, I’m still dealing with post-election depression, facing the fact that the president elect’s views and cabinet choices will do their best to destroy nature in return for profit. 147 more words


'Hanging with Mr. Craig'

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wow, hard to believe it’s been a little over two months since I’ve left Tucson, AZ!?   To say I’ve been distracted since I returned to Florida would be a gross understatement.   566 more words