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Otra carta de Otto 1908 II

This is a later picture of Otto Morton, from around 1920.

The second part of the letter:

Though my financial circumstances are limited, they are not as much as you say, because you have counted the value of one Agentinian peso as the same as one Spanish peseta. 336 more words

Morton Carl

Una carta de Otto Morton 3

This picture from 1898 shows Ignacio Juárez and Otto Morton. I am not sure who Ignacio was. It could be a brother of Otto’s wife Juana Rosa Juárez de Morton? 408 more words

Morton Carl

Una carta de Otto Morton 2

The letter continues…

In October 1905 I left my position as inspector of the plantations belonging to Ingenio Lujan to on my own manage the plantation at Colonia (or farm as you call it) Leocadio Paz belonging to this factory, Ingenio San Juan. 372 more words

Morton Carl

Una carta de Otto Morton

Para celebrar que ahora tengo contacto con nuestro pariente Otto Morton, dentista en Tucumán, Argentina, me gustaría publicar una carta de su bisabuelo Otto Morton (1871-1934). 426 more words

Morton Carl

Adam ~ Backpacking Through Northern Argentina

Hello everyone! This will probably be the last blog post from Chicago in the southern hemisphere…at least for a while. On Sunday we returned from an adventure to the northern part of Argentina, 462 more words

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