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Thursday Telugu: Bhaagamathie, What Does a Woman Have to Do to Get Our Attention?

I can’t decide if there were too many twists or just the right amount of twists in this movie.  Either way, it is way more enjoyable to watch the film without knowing the twists in advance, so DON’T READ THE SPOILERS. 2,166 more words

Breathe Recap/Review (SPOILERS), Episode 3 and 4, the Hero Becomes Demon and Drunkard Becomes Hero

Welcome to part 2!  Episodes 3 and 4, one of which is the best episode of the series (I think). (part 1 here and part 3… 1,983 more words

Tuesday Tamil: Breathe Review/Recap, First 2 Episodes (SPOILERS), Dark Interconnected Crime Drama Comes to India

I finally watched it!  Partly for Maddy, partly for my beloved Amit Sadh (if you like him in this, WATCH RUNNING SHAADI!).  They were both good.  2,174 more words


Tuesday Tamil: Minsara Kanavu, Justifiably Beloved

I finally watched it!  After feeling vaguely like I had watched it for years, and then realizing I had only seen the songs a bunch of times and read the plot summary.  3,209 more words

Tuesday Tamil/Telugu

Saturday Telugu: Anand, Which Should be Titled Rupa

What an interesting movie!  Now I can see why everyone was excited about, but not surprised by, Fidaa.  Clearly this director knows how to build complicated imperfect female characters and reward them with a perfect love story. 1,721 more words

Tuesday Tamil: Aruvi, What is the New Tamil Society?

What a fascinating movie!  First, it was released in theaters and online almost simultaneously, which I always find fascinating.  And second, it was really really good! 2,616 more words

Tuesday Tamil/Telugu

Tuesday Tamil: Iru Kodugal, I watch a Gemini Genesan Movie!

I’m back to K. Balachander!  He is just so great.  And available on Rajshri Tamil on youtube.  And I have also now seen a Gemini Ganesan movie!  2,655 more words

Tuesday Tamil/Telugu