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Begin again

it is the night before my fourth semester at tufts unfolds. i tumbled back into boston early this morning — clinging onto five hours of sleep due to the time difference — lugged way too much and too heavy groceries from chinatown (“on the way”) back to my room, and took in the familiar quiet. 104 more words

A Love Letter to Madrid

November 4th, 2015

Dear Madrid,

When I first met you I thought you were the nicer, less smelly cousin to New York. If it wasn’t for your signs in Spanish I might have thought I was still in the US. 498 more words

BLAST Scholar

Nathaniel Pregunta

October 28th, 2015

¡Hola a todo el mundo! Este semana quería tratar un tipo de post diferente. En vez de mis reflexiones, quería hacer una entrevista con mis amigos y algunos extranjeros. 563 more words

BLAST Scholar

The Confidence Game: Setting Your Boat up for Success with a Positive Attitude

If athletes’ potential can be limited by their coaches’ or captains’ visions, a more damaging scenario arises when we let competitors’ visions define our performance. 468 more words


The Quest for Boatspeed: Gaining an Edge through Extraordinary Teamwork and Preparation

I’ve been reading and thinking about the mentalities that accompany competitive rowing and being part of a team lately. It’s a genuine interest of mine as well as a part of being the best Tufts Crew captain I can be. 338 more words


Abroad in Ghana (Photo Series Day 2)

I think that, in this moment, witnessing the rush of the Atlantic’s powerful waves crashing against the shores of Kokrobitey, it finally resonated with me that I was actually here.  230 more words


How Healthy is Exercise for Seniors? - Tufts

Older people who are highly fit, such as recreational cyclists, are physiologically more similar to young people than to more sedentary seniors. That’s the conclusion of a new British study that sought to explore the effect of physical activity on key indicators of aging. 414 more words