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Tufts on Exercise and Brain Health

As regular readers know I feel very strongly about the benefits of exercising, not only on the body, but equally on the brain. You can check out my Page – … 582 more words

Aerobic Exercise

Madrid From A Foodie's Perspective

I decided to study abroad in Spain because I didn’t think I was emotionally ready to go to Chile. Between the cultural difference and physical distance, Santiago seemed like a distant reality and I wasn’t sure if I had the right mindset to be successful so I decided to study in Madrid. 968 more words

BLAST Scholar

Movers & Shakers: Layla Lynn


Layla Lynn

What school do you attend?

I graduated from Tufts University in 2012. Go Jumbos!

Where are you from?

I grew up in Maryland, just over the border from Washington D.C., but I consider myself a full Bostonian now. 216 more words


Inspiration for the coming months

I feel transported to a completely different life, which isn’t completely untrue because everything here is different from Oslo. Feeling less like a fish out of water and seeing familiar faces everywhere has absolutely changed my entire experience here at Tufts.  681 more words


A year to be brave and be kind

i stepped into the bellies of a few gigantic flying metal birds, and all of a sudden, i’ve slipped back into this corner of the other side of the planet. 569 more words

REPOSTED from Tufts Daily: An Open Letter to Survivors

The following article was originally published in the Tufts Daily as an Op-Ed by Allyson Blackburn, class of 2017. Here is a link to view it there with the subsequent comments on it. 842 more words

Sexual Assault

Are You Keeping Your Brain in Shape? Tufts

It’s fascinating how ideas tend to flow in groups. All of a sudden I seem to be reading a lot about exercise having a positive affect on the brain (one of my favorite subjects). 457 more words