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Five Months, Good Health, & Boston!

When I logged in to edit some pages yesterday, I realized it had been almost exactly five months since I had posted anything here.  FIVE MONTHS!!??!! 824 more words


Campus Groups: oSTEM

If you walk into Physics Professor Tim Atherton’s office at the right time of day, you might be lucky enough to see a cascade of rainbows emanating from a small glass award sitting on his windowsill. 645 more words

Chapter 2

So, full disclosure, I had a post drafted that I meant to publish a MONTH ago, and thought I could just pop back on here and add some pictures and let ‘er ride. 897 more words

Musings of an Overworked College Student

The other day I was chatting with a good friend, and I mentioned canvasandcrumepts. “You have a blog?” he asked. “Of course,” I said. “I post about it on Facebook all the time. 1,115 more words


Green Tea May Enhance Working Memory - Tufts

At the risk or repeating myself, I am committed to learning everything I can about my brain and keeping said brain functioning well into my senior years. 456 more words


Tufts CSDD says drug companies are in competitive development races to be first to market

Nearly all later entrants to drug classes had begun clinical testing or were in regulatory review in the United States before the first drug within a pharmacologic class was approved, a newly completed analysis from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development suggests. 273 more words