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Salisbury National Championship Video

Relive the Gulls’ 11th title.

First half of the video features the playoff run through Colorado College, Denison, and Gettysburg. The second half of the video is almost entirely the title game. 53 more words


Cooking in college

my stillness smells like sesame oil. my calm looks like standing alone in the kitchen in my slippers, chopping vegetables on a rubbery red board, and setting up space for various components and dishes to come together in the heat. 131 more words

Holding our hearts

late last night, i was trying to soak in the calm of my room and get ready for another week ahead, to breathe deeply and re-centre before monday rolled around, when i stumbled upon a big shitshow that was happening in the class of 2019 facebook group in my college. 466 more words


tenggelam-ing. slowly. anxious. scared. feeling a lack of sense of community these days, no warm, nurturing space to turn to — only individuals who seem far away even as we share this hill. 115 more words

Big and little p power

in our queer studies class earlier today, we talked about power — how there is big letter P Power, which we often think of as state politics, big institutions and overwhelming systems; and there is also little letter p power. 283 more words

Top 3 STX Helmets of 2016

After a slow 2015, the STX/Schutt helmet hit back hard this spring.

3. UNC Navy

Still not crazy about North Carolina using so much navy when they have arguably the most famous school color of them all in their arsenal. 133 more words


John Uppgren Highlights

Single handedly responsible for putting Tufts into the upper echelon of D3?

Chopped together using highlights from the powerful Jumbos media machine.

One of the greatest players in D3 history recently joined the staff at Tufts.