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PAAS Weekly Update 3/30: Tug of War

This video is a recap of the Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy Weekly Report. You can sign up to receive this report, complied weekly by Arlington Capital Management portfolio managers, by visiting… 478 more words

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Vince Russo Blasts WWE Over Raw Ending

After this past Monday’s tug of war on RAW, former WWE/WCW/TNA writerVince Russo chimed in with his thoughts on Twitter. He wrote:

“Three hour build-up all leading up to two men having a tug-o-war.

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Tug of War, by Nikka Costa

There are times in our lives
When our hearts fear our minds
We can’t afford to ignore
What our hearts are beating for

My soul wants to go one way… 147 more words


SXSW - Mophie Rescue Lounge

Possibly the most fun you could ever have at SXSW – the Mophie Rescue Lounge! How can you resist playing tug-of-war with a Saint Bernard puppy or hanging with the crew of Saint Bernards? 22 more words


Hey Doggie Buddy... Wanna Play?

Good morning, Mr. Django, my little puppy best friend. Do you want to play? I have your toy right here in my hand. We can wrestle and play the tug-of-war game that you love so much. 179 more words

Naha Great Tug of War, Okinawa

Every October in the city of Naha, there is a “Great Tug of War.” This popular spectacle involves thousands of people pulling a giant one meter thick tug of war rope in the middle of the city streets! 164 more words


Tug of War

One of our youth leaders said recently that our youth are in a tug-of-war with the world and their faith, and their faith is losing. This certainly makes me worry as a mom and as a pastor. 600 more words

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