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wade water
deep cove
feet planted
Walk slow
keel over
Let go
mud sinks
Heave ho
Laces float
Down below
Breathe in
Tip toe

Tug Of War

Our mother explained winter this way:
Every October, Chinamen would
get a yen to mow, and so, in a tug of war,
they’d yank away our green grass… 129 more words


Whose Responsibility is It, Anyway?

When we recently had something fixed in our home, the instructions were unclear, and the technician wanted further clarification. Since my husband was the one who knew exactly what needed to be fixed and how it had to be done, I felt really stupid not knowing what to tell the technician. 921 more words

M.B. Sanok

A package, a tug-of-war, and words that hide

My wedding dress and shoes sat waiting for me on my porch today. I’d asked my mother-in-law to send them since they’ve been in her closet in Canada for years. 404 more words


What Does Your Dog Love (Training With Food & Play)

What does your dog love? Will your dog do anything for a treat? Is your dog obsessed with a special game or toy? Finding out what motivates your dog is extremely important when you want to start training your dog. 585 more words

Dog Training

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement: No matter how much fun you think it’d be to tie your cats’ tails together so they can play tug of war with themselves, don’t do it. 41 more words


PAAS Weekly Update 3/30: Tug of War

This video is a recap of the Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy Weekly Report. You can sign up to receive this report, complied weekly by Arlington Capital Management portfolio managers, by visiting… 478 more words

PAAS Weekly Update