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Hard to Hate What You Love

I don’t care if you love me…
Do you?
Not that it matters
I dislike everything about you right now
But I love you so much… 253 more words


Road to Avonlea Review: Tug of War

Episode Summary: Olivia and Jasper are expecting their first baby. However, things get complicated when Jasper’s very worldly, bohemian family comes for an extended visit. On top of that, Hetty  594 more words


Boys will be boys

This is one of only times we successfully captured Jack and Stanley playing tug of war. My son was really on the ball with this one, ordinarily I’m so caught up in “How adorable!!!”, that my cellphone is left alone to the side, while all of the action unfolds before my very eyes and by then, it’s too late to film, because either Jack has won or Stanley has given up; in either case, Jack struts around like the boss because he thinks he won fair and square. 19 more words

Children Caught in the Middle

My personal view is that children should never be put in the middle of their parent’s disputes. They also should not have to suffer because the parents have issues with one another. 515 more words

Dragging last year's burdens? Drop them.

My favorite time to run is the morning. Not because it’s the easiest time of day to run for me. (It’s not; I wake up stiff and have to limber up like every other mortal out there.) 348 more words

About Ourselves