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Royal Logistic Corps open day tug of war competition video

Another short video to, hopefully, amuse you. This one is of the Tug of War competition at July’s Open Day of the Royal Logistic Corps… 152 more words


Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Ebony & Ivory' By Paul McCaryney & Stevie Wonder

Every Beatles Wednesday, you’ll hear songs by The Fab Four either together or solo.

“Ebony and Ivory” was a duet with Stevie Wonder that Paul McCartney did on his 1982 album “Tug of War.” 75 more words


Small Town Tug-of-War in Okinawa

Every year in my neighborhood after Obon, near the village office a Tug-of-war 綱引き (tsunahiki) is held. The idea is similar to the larger Tug-of-Wars held in Naha, Itoman, and Yonabaru, except on an obviously much smaller scale. 575 more words


Trivia Question for August 11, 2016 – Olympic Sports


Which of the following is a discontinued Olympic Sport?

1) Badminton
2) Tug of War
3) Horseshoe toss
4) Sack race 62 more words


History Friday: The Medal Bite

Have you ever wondered why so many Olympic athletes take the risk of breaking a tooth by biting onto their medal for a silly photo opportunity? 654 more words


I will not Sketch at Tug-of-War, I'd rather play at Hug-of-War...

Mr. Silverstein does not like conflict.

And I don’t like hugs.

So, I guess it all evens out in the end.

I have no idea what I’m typing.

I will return on Friday!

Obscure Olympians 3: City of London Police

London famously stood in as hosts of the 1948 Olympics after the Second World War, but that wasn’t the first time the British capital had been pressed into service. 702 more words