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A Conversation With The Dog

Day 3 with my dog houseguest…After spending last evening on my bed watching schlock t.v. with me (to the accompaniment of Mrs. Beeton making her scornful ‘bad noise’ from her nearby cage in an attempt to intimidate the dog), the pooch was shuffled out the door to spend the night on one of several sofas. 1,205 more words



Puppy in the yard
Looking to the thin tall weeds
For a tug of war


Tug of War

I’m hoping everyone knows what this game is. If not, in short: there are two teams, one on either end of a rope. The aim is to pull as hard as you can and drag the other team over a line in the middle, meaning you’ve pulled them over onto your side. 704 more words

Inbetween Review

Game: Inbetween

Designer: Adam Kwapiński

Publisher: Board & Dice

Artist: Seweryn Borkowski, et al

Player Count: 2

Runtime: 30 – 60 minutes

Upsideville is the quintessential little US town (probably somewhere in Maine), it has all the staples you’d expect of a good town, a decent High School, a great drive-thru, and your atypical friendly neighbourhood police sheriff. 1,378 more words


Ropes, rocks and resurrection

Have you ever participated in a tug of war? I think the closest I have come to a tug of war is pulling a Christmas cracker in the hope that I will get the joke, the gift inside and the bigger bit of cracker. 581 more words

My Journey With The Lord Jesus

Trixie The Triumphant- TTT

This is a friendly reminder to always attempt the stuff that seems/is impossible.
Live your life like this puppy.

See the odds of winning. Stare directly into the windows of its soul. 14 more words