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08. Typically Teen

I entered school on Monday in a grumpy mood. To say that I was having a blue Monday would be an understatement. I had woken up late, missed breakfast and had no lunch for later on that day. 533 more words

Typically Teen

Squashed Soccer Ball Display

Back some years ago when I was still involved in caring for homeless dogs, I saved a bunch of “dead” soccer and basketballs because they made great toys. 140 more words


My Year in Review - 2016 Edition

As we begin a new year I wanted to quickly recap some of the great things that happened to me in 2016. Many people may argue that 2016 was a year to forget; what with Brexit, the US presidential election & an absurd number of deaths in the celebrity world (RIP George Michael). 1,126 more words


Tugging and Towing - The Story of the William Aitken

While it is easy to imagine the romance of the sea when looking at a picture of a full-rigged ship or a proud steamer it is harder to do so when faced with a tugboat. 1,467 more words


Falka - IPO starts

On the day of Falka’s 0.5 birthday we have officially joined one of the best IPO Clubs in the UK. Of course, we will not be doing any serious work for a veery long time, but I am very keen on Falka learning that the Club is the place of greatest fun. 468 more words