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The Unusual Girl- out of the ordinary #3

She grabbed the box like it was nothing with one hand and managed to lift it with ease! Her Father was shocked!

Shocked her self she said cockily “so when do you want me to put it down?” … 76 more words



Things were looking really scary for a while with hurricanes Madeline and Lester headed for Hawai‘i. Fortunately, Madeline turned to the south and Lester to the north of the islands. 112 more words

The Unusual Girl- on the way home #2

Parris hopped into her Fathers truck. It was a red flat bed with 5 seats. It was huge! They called it Clifford.

Parris finally came out with “what happened I only remember going to rep at home and waking up there!” … 145 more words


The Unusual Girl- where it sets off #1

Parris woke up with a shock! “Where am I?” She thought one Saturday morning. Looking around her she realised she was in Columbus Detention Centre. … 127 more words


The Unusual Girl- new story series...

A new story inspired by a friend! This one is going to take longer to write than tttt because I want to perfect this story! 51 more words


Harbor Sunset

After spending most of the weekend in front of my computer, I took a few hours off to get some fresh air.

Poor Falls of Clyde…in limbo. 112 more words

More Sun and Water

I took the day off. Much needed rest and a visit to the harbor again.

Jean Anne arriving:

Kaiyo Maru was getting ready to leave Pier 9. 22 more words