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Tugging and Towing - The Story of the William Aitken

While it is easy to imagine the romance of the sea when looking at a picture of a full-rigged ship or a proud steamer it is harder to do so when faced with a tugboat. 1,467 more words


Falka - IPO starts

On the day of Falka’s 0.5 birthday we have officially joined one of the best IPO Clubs in the UK. Of course, we will not be doing any serious work for a veery long time, but I am very keen on Falka learning that the Club is the place of greatest fun. 468 more words

Cardboard solution

Watching Falka develop is absolutely amazing, but can be also frustrating at times… Unfortunately the changes she goes through are not always in the direction I would want! 588 more words

Barge recovery with an Orville Hook

All of our ocean going tugs (and most west coast ocean going tugs) carry an Orville Hook.  The system was developed by Sause Brothers tug captain, Bud “Orville” Fuller.   23 more words

Trend iPhone Games Today: Tug The Table-Fighter Soccer Physics Wrestle Jump

#iOS #iPhone #Games Tug The Table-Fighter Soccer Physics Wrestle Jump This is a simple funny competitive game. Yes, though it looks funny, it really a competitive game The only things you need to do is handling one of them, and pull the another one over the white line. 9 more words