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Port Said-Arsehole of the universe

We have arrived in Egypt, Port Said at the Suez canal, Marlboro country, the most corrupt country I have ever been too where every person demands cigarettes for doing the smallest of tasks, despite doing them in the most inefficient way. 314 more words

Merchant Navy

The Lego Boat Blog

We don’t just do cars here at The Lego Car Blog. See, here’s a boat! You can see more of Konajra’s beautifully detailed Serco Marine SD tug boat by clicking here.


I Should be Working...

…but I went to the harbor instead. What a surprise.

Hai Soon 39:


Lots of them in the harbor.

Mysterious, small, orange floats by Pier 15: 24 more words

Our favorite tug toy...seems to not exist anywhere.

I was excited to share this toy, because it really is Titan’s favorite tug toy. One of my friends used to work at a Petco, and before she quit bought a TON of cheap toys with her employee discount and then hoarded them away. 472 more words

Dog Blog

Cleveland Maritime Lawyer | 1-800-752-1503 | Ohio Jones Act Attorney

Maritime, admiralty law, or the law of the sea is a separate body of procedural and substantive law governing ships and shipping, business or commerce transacted at sea, and the duties, rights, and liabilities of shipowners, shipmasters, and other maritime workers. 179 more words


Beautiful Day

It was such a lovely day that any thoughts of going to the office vanished once I stepped out of the house.


Foss tugs were helping out with fuel barges today. 109 more words

Some Genius Combined Paddling And 'Tug Of War' Into A Single Sport

Some questions:

  • What is going on?
  • Is this sport real?
  • Is this sport new?
  • Have people been doing this for years?
  • Why weren’t we informed?
  • When can we play?