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Called to me in a familiar, friendly tone,
cocked head and open smile.
Hadn’t seen her in months,
maybe a year, visiting.
I take a seat, back against the wall, 274 more words

Paying Attention

LGC Tug Pilot Roster

Winter weekdays: All day coverage, 0930 till dark.

Winter weekends: One pilot to provide tug cover from the start of the day. Duty ends at lunchtime or with swap. 32 more words


October 2 (Mon) 1944, Greenock, Scotland

Shifted berth from beside “Clan Chisholme” before lunch. Drizzling with rain & generally uncomfortable. Tugs arrived late, having been taking “Empire Cheer” out of dock. … 171 more words

The Unusual Girl- out of the ordinary #3

She grabbed the box like it was nothing with one hand and managed to lift it with ease! Her Father was shocked!

Shocked her self she said cockily “so when do you want me to put it down?” … 76 more words



Things were looking really scary for a while with hurricanes Madeline and Lester headed for Hawai‘i. Fortunately, Madeline turned to the south and Lester to the north of the islands. 112 more words

The Unusual Girl- on the way home #2

Parris hopped into her Fathers truck. It was a red flat bed with 5 seats. It was huge! They called it Clifford.

Parris finally came out with “what happened I only remember going to rep at home and waking up there!” … 145 more words