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Crate training update

Every day we leave Nyx in her crate with the door shut at least once.

Always this is when she is utterly exhausted, and she goes in there with lots of toys (chew toys, ropes, stuffed toys, and at least one puzzle feeder). 375 more words


Car damaged, items stolen; arrest sought

Compiled by Mayjean Trotter | One-time receptionist

Bass Lake Authority Police have announced that an ongoing investigation is underway to investigate recent theft and damage involving an automobile. 154 more words

Bass Lake Authority Police

Nostalgia, neuralgia, Archers

For those of you out there who aren’t familiar with the long running radio soap, The Archers, it’s a gentle tale of mainly middle class English rural land owning types and their daily dealings with the vagaries of the EU Common Agricultural Policy and the dastardly doings of lesser folks. 466 more words


#EnrichmentChallenge— 5 Things To Do If Your Dog Is Bored

Enrichment takes the boredom out of the dog’s daily routine and is an exciting way to spend the day (other than barking at squirrels and destroying the couch cushions). 559 more words

Happy Dog Tips

mixed bag [132/365]

We have a new mayor in Saint John. His name is Don Darling. While the campaign was going on and we saw all those signs around town, we used to say “McDuff for mayor!” Now … the thing is, we often refer to McDuff as “li’l darlin’”, and that feels funny now, when the real mayor’s name is Darling 😀 205 more words


#EnrichmentChallenge—How To Tug With Your Dog

One of the best games you can play with your dog is a game of tug. But before we start, there are some common misconceptions about this game. 758 more words