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The most and least expensive states for colleges


Costs at both public and private colleges have soared more than 150% since 1975. The most expensive states for in-state college tuition are: New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois. 33 more words


Educational Think Tank Topics for Radio Listeners and Online Readers

Welcome to our radio show, today’s topic will be education and we will cover a number of side topics along the way. Just so you know the ground rules, and they are very simple; I talk and you listen. 4,299 more words

Technology boot camps – do they work?

The tech sector is one of the fastest-growing industries globally – and with this increasing market comes the need for more jobs. In the US, demand for computer specialists is expected to have increased by over three quarters of a million jobs in the decade up to the end of 2018, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor. 1,635 more words


Why should I pay for your college student loans? TANSTAAFL!

There are more and more instances of the Millennial generation showing up in public situations and demanding that their enormous college loan bills be paid for by our tax dollars. 76 more words


Student group wants Liberals to spend $3.3B annually on free college, university

OTTAWA – Facing higher than average unemployment and a growing threat of bankruptcy, post-secondary students are lobbying the federal government this month for billions in new spending to help cover the cost of university and college education. 500 more words