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Demystifying the Price of College (Forbes)

There are several key truths about paying for college: prices are going up, parents want to do all they can for their kids, and the real price families will pay is a mystery.

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Paying For School

5 reasons why your financial aid package changed (The Prospect)

Finishing up this year’s round of FAFSA applications, you may have found that your package has changed since you last applied. The reasons for increases or decreases can range from differences on the government, school, or family side of the arrangements.

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The First Rule of College Financing (Wall Street Journal)

As a financial adviser, I’ve seen a variety of mistakes that parents and students make when it comes to missing ways to lower college costs. Some of the most common errors involve how and where money is saved.

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Is Your Financial Aid Offer the Best Offer? (College Financial Aid Advisors)

As a high school senior you and your parents are trying to make the best decision about which college you will choose. You want to attend a great school, but also need to make sure it is affordable.

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Skyrocketing tuition: ‘Paying more … not getting more’ - Maine Sunday Telegram

Krystal Mudgett, OHS 2011, a part of the discussion about college costs in Maine Sunday Telegram.

University of Maine senior Krystal Mudgett is a full-time student working three jobs and worrying about the roughly $20,000 in student debt she’ll have when she graduates next year. 2,690 more words

Beyond High School

Invest in Me

In 2012, a Florida state task force on education recommended adjusting tuition by major. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors would cost less, while some majors, such as psychology and the performing arts, would cost more. 1,294 more words


What to expect after you file your FAFSA (NorthJersey.com)

In about three months, most high school seniors will hear from the colleges they applied to. Reality sets in when the acceptance (and rejection) letters and notifications arrive.

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