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Trade school benefits local hairstylist


ATLANTA – Empire Beauty School graduate, Shae Carver, has found great success in her trade school education by building a large client base, not only through haircuts, but by being a friend to her patrons. 1,062 more words


What Business Students Look for When Searching School Websites

The cost of a degree and a school’s international ranking are of top interest to candidates searching a business school’s website for information, according to a new global survey. 169 more words

The most and least expensive states for colleges


Costs at both public and private colleges have soared more than 150% since 1975. The most expensive states for in-state college tuition are: New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois. 33 more words


Educational Think Tank Topics for Radio Listeners and Online Readers

Welcome to our radio show, today’s topic will be education and we will cover a number of side topics along the way. Just so you know the ground rules, and they are very simple; I talk and you listen. 4,299 more words