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Low cost/cheap/cheapest/least expensive community colleges in Texas

Texas is a very popular state among the international students for it’s cheap colleges and low expenses.If you have made up your mind to do your higher studies abroad but you’re concerned about the expenses,the community colleges of Texas are great resources for you. 375 more words

Tuition Payments

Structured Settlements for College Tuition Payments

The high tuition of a college education is a financial obstacle for many families. While student loans may seem like the temporary answer to paying for education costs, in the long run loans contribute to much more debt. 179 more words

Worrying rise in number of medical students in prostitution over last 10 years

09 Mar 2012

Feature: Medical schools’ attitudes towards student prostitution

One in ten students now claim to know someone who is using prostitution to pay for university fees, a medical student writing for the Student BMJ claims. 419 more words

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