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Paying for school

“With a 2004 Statistics Canada survey finding that over half of graduating students are in debt, there’s good reason to be proactive and help your child set off in the right direction.” … 9 more words

Money And Finances

Access Trade Training Programs

To work as a certified tradesperson, you need training combined with job experience.

Trades training usually takes from one to five years. Most apprenticeship programs take four years. 203 more words


The Price of Prestige

As college costs see significant increases yearly, students who once had their eyes set on big name post-secondary institutions of supreme prestige are beginning to rethink their plans for beyond high school graduation dates. 716 more words

Note - Ms Ong Wants to Thank Uncle Duncan for His Gift


Dear Uncle Duncan,

XXThank you for the beautiful watch. I love it very much. I will wear it whenever I go out. I will take good care of it. 15 more words


Note - A Thank-you Note


Dear Grandpa,

XXThank you for the wanderful birthday present. I love it very much. I will ride my new bicycle to school every day. 21 more words


Email -My Trip to Tanjung Malim River

From: Bryan@mastertuition.com

To: Michael@mastertuition.com.my

Subject: My Trip to Tanjung Malim River

Dear Micheal,

How are you? I hope you and your family are in the pink of health. 148 more words