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2018 Goal: Pay off private NJ Class Student Loans

I currently have $13,500 in private student loan debt from NJClass carrying an interest rate of 7.5%. My monthly payment is 250.00.

In addition, to my private NJClass Loans, I have approximately $100,000 in federal student loans acquired in undergrad and graduate school. 247 more words


The beginning of my journey to life without student loans.

I graduated from a public undergraduate university in New Jersey with 80k in debt with a B.A. in psychology. With little job prospects after graduation, I decided to pursue my M.A. 285 more words


Fruits for students

Now a days kids consume more calories. Most of these calories come from packed or fast food which provides little nutrition.  As we all know fruits are tasty too but they are packed with vitamins and other nutrients that are necessary for the child’s growth that fast foods does not provide. 324 more words

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7 Way to Save Money for College

I couldn’t help but post some amazing views of my university before I dove in my tips on how to save money for college and in college. 980 more words

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New Year, New Proposals

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good time over the holiday period. We had a good time here and we are back with a boom this year with some new proposals. 212 more words

“K” is for Kinaesthetic Learner

Not everyone learns the same way, and that creates problems in classrooms and at home.

As a generalisation, there are three types of learners: auditory, kinaesthetic, and visual.  425 more words

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Newton's Third Law

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Now people go about saying this like these words carry little to no weight. Most of the time, you would probably hear this in a grace-to-grass conversation or vice versa about how someone born in abject poverty was able to strive through hard work and suffering, and consistently claw his way up through parliament to secure a comfortable sit in the nation’s government as an esteemed senator or how someone born with an encrusted diamond spoon firmly rooted to the surface of his tongue ends up in a life of penury due to bad life choices, insubordination and reprehensible behaviour. 599 more words