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What about the class of Covid 2020?

Is this lazy of me? Posting a piece I had published yesterday?

Ah well, I want to spread my opinions on this matter as far as I can, so will continue to share it across all my platforms. 1,113 more words

Big Goals are Never Too Big

My husband and I have started planning to grow our family, and the biggest ticket item I’m worried about is our children’s college educations. In 2020, it costs ~$13,000 per year – just in tuition – to attend my alma mater UCLA. 358 more words

Meetup 08: Framing Design Education: A Study of A Non-hierarchical Architectural Design Studio

Jeremy Till had often proclaimed that ‘architecture education is deeply conservative!’

Distance Design Education Meetup 8 sought to expand Till’s claim by questioning the appropriateness of the one-to-one, Master and Apprentice model of desk crits. 149 more words

Distance Education

Meetup 07: Design thinking

Meetup 07 featured Robert O’Toole presenting Warwick University’s move to online and distance learning and, in particular, their use of a suite of online design tools in order to support student needs. 12 more words

Distance Education


TIP FOR TODAY: Keeping acrylic paint moist.

Acrylic paint is a very versatile medium to work with, and comes with many advantages for the busy artist, but it comes with the disadvantage of drying quickly on the palette. 131 more words

Our very first Elucidation video

Here’s our very first animated video.

As we feel our way around in the new landscape, it’s a learning process and we aim to get better with time so that we can do more with your child and achieve even better results together.

Discussing Tuition

Over the last 2 weeks, there have been some really insightful points raised by parents on the topic of tuition. It may be a subject you know very well or maybe not, but we can all find some nuggets of wisdom from the experiences and perspectives shared. 107 more words