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Unhappy College Students: Should Tax Payers Pay For Their Tuition?

With the need to have a better financial hold on the country’s education system, many are looking at the different phases necessary to pursue a free-tuition education program for all colleges and universities. 30 more words

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College Tuition: Two More Years Can Cost $300,000, Hurry Up!

It seems that two more years in college can cost students $300,000 over your life.

They are called “super seniors.” They can be seen milling around the campus and they have added a few more years to their university time. 18 more words

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Free University Tuition A Possibility In The United States If Under Hillary Clinton?

Recently, Hillary Clinton has adopted the Bernie Sanders style of policies. Clinton has created policies that appealed to her followers and that included free public tuition to several state universities. 14 more words

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Free College Tuition By Democrats A Possibility? Many Question If Plan Will Work

Presidential candidates and other political rivals are stepping it up. In an effort to appeal to the masses, one concern raised was the increasing cost of education and student loan. 19 more words

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How to Pay Tuition Fees

A service we provide to students is offering as many options as possible for them to pay their tuition fees. This is relatively easy for domestic students because they can pay by cheque or bank transfer or debit or whatever. 447 more words


Demand for female tutors '21/2 times that for male'

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

When it comes to tutors, women are in greater demand than men, a recent local study has found. For some parents, this preference results from a wary attitude towards male tutors, and the stigma that surrounds them. 714 more words

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Selling My Expedition

In light of the ever-increasing tuition of my college, I am forced to make sacrifices to proceed my academic career. Since I will be a few thousand dollars shy of the required tuition for this semester, my last semester before graduation, I am selling my Expedition. 55 more words