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Medical School Interviews

1969: Onto Yet Even Higher Education 

I don’t know how or why I was ever accepted at any medical school because instead of listing a litany of extracurricular activities, I was a student without portfolio. 864 more words


Rouchell and New Orleans

My post “Nostalgia in New Orleans?” generated some comment among traditionalists on the TradArch list, including Louisiana architect Michael Rouchell. A couple of years ago, he contributed an excellent counterproposal to help my effort to get Rhode Island’s governor to ask developers to boost Rhode Island’s “historic” brand in their project designs. 837 more words


Nostaglia in New Orleans?

A decade has passed since New Orleans began to rebuild its flooded neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina. About all anyone beyond the Crescent City has heard of are the goofy new houses of Make It Right, an organization formed by movie star Brad Pitt, presumably to “give back” to his native community. 610 more words


Tulane mistakenly sends acceptance emails to 130 prospective students

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Office of Admissions at Tulane University mistakenly sent out 130 acceptance letters to prospective students across the country yesterday.

In a blog post titled “ 339 more words


Tulane University's student government endorses all-gender restroom initiative

Six months ago, Tulane’s Undergraduate Student Government proposed, endorsed and passed a policy working toward providing all-gender restrooms on well-frequented buildings on Tulane’s campuses.

The Tulane Univeristy LGBTIQA Policy Group worked in partnership with USG on passing the policy and testing its feasibility. 669 more words


Studio in the Woods: Artists disconnect and embrace nature

NEW ORLEANS  (WGNO) – New Orleans is home to artists of all kinds – visual, musical, theatrical. But on the West Bank, there’s a place where artists can cut off the outside world, embrace nature, and improve their craft. 365 more words


Livin' the SUITE life

Posting this much later than I wrote it!!

Another year yet here I find myself again procrastinating in a common room at 10:43 pm, studying for a test I just found out I have tomorrow, craving goldfish and writin’ a blog post. 586 more words

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