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Of Birds and Ticks


In the Battle Against Ticks and Lyme Disease, Scientists Look to the Skies

By JACKIE FARWELL – BANGOR DAILY NEWS • JUL 3, 2017… 2,158 more words


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday----How IT Now IS

Mom is such an old bore….whenever I go anywhere with her I have to STAY RIGHT BY MOM!!!

We finished weeding the second pinto bean field…and I had to… 208 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm

Start Treatment if TBI's are Suspected

http://www.mdedge.com/ccjm/article/141387/dermatology/tickborne-diseases-other-lyme-united-states  Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. 2017 July;84(7):555-567


  • Tickborne illnesses should be considered in patients with known or potential tick exposure presenting with fever or vague constitutional symptoms in tick-endemic regions.
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Explainer: what is tularemia and can I catch it from a possum?

Researchers have found Australia’s first confirmed case of tularemia in a ringtail possum.
Andrew Mercer/flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

John-Sebastian Eden, University of Sydney

Tularemia is a disease that affects humans and other animals. 967 more words


Review of Tick Attachment Time For Different Pathogens


Stephanie L. Richards, Ricky Langley, Charles S. Apperson and Elizabeth Watson 


Improvements to risk assessments are needed to enhance our understanding of tick-borne disease epidemiology. 792 more words


Of Rabbits and Men

Tularemia is known as a rabbit disease which is spread to those who handle them including hunters and cooks; however, at the recent Lyme Disease Association 17th Annual Conference on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases… 693 more words