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Larimer County reports first human case of tularemia or 'rabbit fever'

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — The Larimer County Health Department warned people Friday after it confirmed its first human case of tularemia, better known as rabbit fever, this week. 363 more words


CANADA: BLACK BEAR kills camper in BRITISH COLUMBIA ~ FLORIDA man attacked by COYOTE ~ NEW MEXICAN officials find TULAREMIA in two RABBIT carcasses ~ GRAY FOX in NEW MEXICO found to have new strain of RABIES ~ RABIES reports from FL, GA, NCx2 & VA.


British Columbia 05/11/15 cbc.ca: A 27-year-old man from Mackenzie, B.C., was dragged from his campsite and killed by a black bear while camping with his fiancée last weekend, according to family and the BC Coroners Service. 1,154 more words

Viral Disease

Tularemia: a closer look at rabbit fever.

Zoonotic diseases are those which are transmitted from an animal or insect host to humans causing infection.  According to the World Health Organization, there are currently over 200 documented pathogens.   401 more words

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Mange and Tularemia

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! Unfortunately, when we checked cameras today, we discovered a very sick animal, and thought it might be best to kick off the new year with some disease awareness information to somewhat prevent the spread of contagious diseases from the wild into the home. 283 more words


Antibotics Ciprofloxacin & Doxy for Tularemia coinfection


Tularemia, caused by the gram-negative rod Francisella tularensis, is restricted mostly to rodents and rabbits, and no case of person-to-person transmission of tularemia has been documented. 626 more words


The Antelope Jack Rabbit (Lepus alleni) Lived in Southeastern North America During the Pleistocene

Today, the antelope jack rabbit is restricted to desert grassland habitat in western Mexico and southern Arizona, but during the Pleistocene it occurred as far east as Florida.  611 more words