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I don't believe it before I see it!

I’ve decided to give you all a little insight in what we do at university and especially in my course – psychology, hope you enjoy! 589 more words


Meenutades 2014a Juuli kuud…

Klikka pildile, et näha suuremalt:

Tehniline: ISO400, ava f/7,1, säriaeg 1/640″, maas lamades


So I did some checking into my family history..

I spoke to my great aunt and learned about my Panamanian heritage and then after running into dead ends (there’s only so far you can go on the internet), I turned to the other side of my family and did some digging. 796 more words


Down By Dun Ringill

‘The Gods do not whisper. Their voices boom in defiance of creation’s slumber. You cannot hear it; you are created, you are sleeping. Lesser minds would find their voices on the wind, or in the aimless spectacle of the stars. 2,920 more words


Tulle Skirt - à la Carrie Bradshaw

Hey Guys! I know it’s already December and this Tulle-Skirt-Look isn’t quite appropriate (as far as you’re not living in LA). But I still wanted to share it with you guys because sometimes I just love getting out of the “normal defiance” and brighten up those dark and cloudy winter days. 270 more words


Me Made Mittwoch im Tüllröckchen

So einen Tülltellerrock habe ich mir schon länger eingebildet.

Gestern war eine Gelegenheit, einen zu tragen, und so habe ich mich in den Tüllzuschneidewahnsinn gestürzt (ob das so weise war, angesichts des engen Zeitplans für das Weihnachtskleid, wird sich erst noch weisen). 113 more words


Tull retro chandelier creative design

Tull is a designer Tommaso Caldera ‘s a retro -style creative lighting designs. You can see the shape of the three components of points, lines , surfaces on this product is reflected in leather and metal material mix also complement each other , able to reveal fresh retro .