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My Autumn

Lets get something straight; I live in a place that gets cold fairly quickly, and then when its cold, its is dangerously cold. So when autumn comes around everyone starts stockpiling for winter, buys new winter coats for the kiddos, and waterproofs their wool lined boots over again. 232 more words


Falda Plisada vs Falda Tul

Dos de las tendencias que vienen fuerte en este Otoño–Invierno 2016  son la falda plisada y la falda tul, lo que me gusta de la falda plisada es que es versátil y da un look desenfadado, ahora vienen metalizadas y estampadas, la falda tul es mas edgy y se pueden crear estilismos mas arriesgados. 44 more words

Four Fashion Bloggers

Four fashion bloggers tell stories about their favorite accessories and pieces of clothing.

Hey guys thought you might enjoy reading this.
via The Things We Wear: Four Fashion Writers on Their Favorite Pieces — Discover


Just a quick disclaimer

The images I use on fashioninmycells.wordpress.com and my sister blog musicinmycells.wordpress.org are not my own. All credit goes to the rightful owner of those images. I realize I didn’t site a lot of my sources when it came to images (sorry :s), so I’m letting out a disclaimer now. 65 more words


Just a quick announcement

My recent post leopard, the set I used, which I created on http://www.polyvore.com has won 6th place in the contest in which I entered it in! 44 more words


ROM in Singapore

One Big Event in Life: ROM

This post has what you want if you are looking for

  • A complete planning guide (& budget needed) for Registration of Marriage (ROM)
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Denim Theme

Updates About Life

Hi guys, so with school about to start I probably won’t be updating as often as I would like to and as I am. So I’m going to shoot for about one post a week, but dont expect  A post a day as I originally had hoped to do when i started this blog. 229 more words