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If I ruled the world I would free ALL my sons and Terence Crutcher

Opinion | Orisabiyi Williams Managing Editor | Liz Frank

After the murder of my son’s father in 2009 and the countless days I spent sitting through his murderer’s trial, I vowed to never again step one foot in the Tulsa County Courthouse. 1,368 more words


How Betty Shelby Got Away With Murder: White Privilege - Part 1

Opinion | by Nehemiah D. Frank Managing Editor | Liz Frank

An acquittal does not prove innocence, and a verdict doesn’t always render justice.

We have been told that to relate the history of Tulsa is to tell a tale of two cities: one black and one white. 648 more words


So, my life should be forfeit?

A few days ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a police officer was acquitted of killing an unarmed citizen. He was shot by the officer as he walked away from her, his hands held above his head. 420 more words


"Tulsa is the Paris of Oklahoma" - Chandler Bing

Did you think Tulsa was all that Chandler said it was and less? Did you believe his “Tulsa is Heaven, Tulsa is Italy, please don’t make me go there” speech? 124 more words


Betty Shelby Allowed to Return to the Tulsa Police Force Despite Terence Crutcher's Death

The Tulsa, Okla., police officer who shot and killed Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black motorist, but was later acquitted of manslaughter in the controversial case will be allowed to return to the police force for active duty, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan announced Friday. 242 more words


Tulsa officer acquitted in man's death returning to force

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A white Oklahoma police officer acquitted in an unarmed black man’s shooting death will be back on the force next week, even as jurors who declared her not guilty of manslaughter unanimously agreed she should never return to patrol. 803 more words