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By far one of our favorite items for the past few months, Corkcicle’s canteens and tumblers remain one of the most functional, and aesthetically pleasing items that we’ve sourced. 132 more words



Now, isn’t this a lovely cocktail say.

Admittedly a non alcoholic cocktail with crushed ice, bramble & other berries. But it’s the look, the way it’s presented that makes the taste.


Take care / Marie


Tumbler Termos

harga Rp125.000,-

  • How to Buy:
  • Nama Barang – Nama Lengkap – Alamat Lengkap – No. HP
  • kirim ke:
  • BBM : 5BB820D7
  • Line : @rqa4794f
  • SMS : 083821788068
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