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Negotiations With God

This was written some years ago – when I was neck deep in fear. Am finally ready to share it. Part of my resolve to grow into a writer who will not hold back her truth – be it embarrassing or painful. 885 more words

Living with Timmy

A recent article on the Braintrust.org.uk website :

It is 2012 and I already know this is going to be a great year!

Why? This is the year I plan to retire after forty years of working in financial services. 776 more words


A run a day keeps the tumour at bay

One more reason to work up a sweat, if there aren’t enough already.

A run a day keeps the tumour at bay

Exercise protects against cancer. 753 more words


post #2

today i visited the doctor.

the doctor was quite concerned.

one of my symptoms is heavy loss of blood through the nose, usually on a bi-diurnal basis. 54 more words


post #1 - hello


my name is tim, and i am going to die soon.

see, i have a brain tumour.

i decided to start a blog because i think its worthwhile putting my thoughts out there just in case there’s someone feeling the way i do. 98 more words


Dying hamster fulfills ‘life goals’ with bucket list

When Chicago couple Arden and Riley Kirby were looking to add to their pet family two years ago, they picked a long-haired Syrian hamster because of its “kind eyes.” 466 more words