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Tutorial; 28/04/15

I had my first tutorial in a month yesterday, and after reading my feedback form, I seem to be missing out on the skills side of my work. 215 more words


Finally, two items of good news come out of this dreadful affair in which Aboriginal families stopped chemotherapeutic treatment for their leukemic daughters and sought nonsensical pseudoscientific treatment in Florida. 484 more words


Heart and Heartbreak

I have been asked to come and talk to the Vet about the results of the blood tests – which came back very quickly.  The immediate blood test  ruled out Diabetes but the blood that was sent to the lab was not so good. 634 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

Ok so you thought it was all quiet?

We are still here and still working hard, and we hope the loyalty in following has not been lost. the new season is unfolding, operations, training changes and a new reset of race ambitions are in place, and the challenge to defy the obstacles of life and body. 31 more words

Morning of surgery...

First I have to wash my body and hair with pre op wash, next I parted my hair as far left as possible hoping the surgeons will be precious with my locks and not give me the biggest bald patch so I can cover it for my wedding! 16 more words


Ottawa scientists may have figured out how to fight ‘silent killer’ of pancreatic cancer with viruses | National Post

One of Ottawa’s premier research scientists has published a study that points to viruses as an important ally in the fight against pancreatic cancer, a disease known as a “silent killer” because its early symptoms often go unnoticed.

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My Confronting brain scan...

Pretty heavy seeing these scans, lucky I have a brain!

Maybe removing the tumour will make me a genius…

They have me on a high does of tegretol which is an anti-seizure medication, 400mg twice a day. 102 more words