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My Dad & I

Recently while I was checking for something on my email account, I stumbled upon a mail from dad in April 2009. It was a picasa album of his visit to Germany,his only trip abroad. 744 more words

Musings / Poetry

Broken wings

Somethings are harder to talk about than others.

I have often claimed that it would be easier to talk about physical health problems than depression, abuse and various ways of coping with the inner and invisible pain that so many of us carry on a daily basis. 689 more words

Healing Journey

Researchers identify previous unknown pathway for p53 cancer cell activation.

A common, yet previously undistinguished protein, which is elevated in many late-stage cancers, may play a strategic role in tumour growth through a non-conventional pathway, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine report in the… 281 more words


Supporting a talented artist in troubled times

Ray Ferrer is a talented spray paint artist who creates beautiful works of art using, you guessed it, spray paint cans. It’s not your typical street art of graffiti writing, but realistic renditions of scenes, objects or portraits. 381 more words


Lam Qua - Medical Paintings

(Image taken from; http://kora.matrix.msu.edu/files/28/158/1C-9E-20-67-lamqua-a0a0e0-a.jpg)

Through my research I have discovered a series of paintings by the eastern artist Lam Qua (1801 – 1860), who was one of the first artists from the east to paint in a specifically western style. 813 more words


Documentation; 28/01/14

Unfortunately, I have not updates my blog that much over the Christmas break. I feel like this is a result of the fact that Substance took so much out of me, and felt like after I had put so much time and effort into it, my motivation fizzled out. 1,249 more words


The coolest thing I'll ever own! #cancerperk

The other day, whilst in the MRI machine, I had the most fantastic idea for a piece of artwork that I wanted to create – something personal and that I could use on those ‘shitty days’ as a bit of a motivator. 230 more words