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After Pops Died

Dear G, B and E

Pops died before Christmas. I wonder if you’ll remember this time at all or if you will remember him. Both of Ouma’s parents died when I was young and my memories of them are little more than feelings and sun-spattered moments that I think happened. 1,914 more words


Chemo rage

“Pain is good”, says the doctor. “We are killing nerve cells. Pain means it works”. And you know he is right. You are in war, a war with no rules. 544 more words

The Void

A fight for life - Riaa Kulkarni

I met Sheetal one rainy afternoon in my previous organization. She headed HR and as her name suggested, was of a calm, serene nature. As I was handling marketing, we soon started coordinating for various projects and became good friends.   634 more words

Inspiring Women

The Blind Side

The menace
was behind his eyes, on
the blind side,
feasting on the fruit
of entering visions.

From nothing, the doctors said,
the tumour grew… 67 more words


Hello World, Hello Recovery

So today’s the day I decided to start a blog. A blog about what? About my brain tumour, surgery and most importantly, recovery!

Upon being diagnosed with brain tumour and prior to surgery, I’d found it so comforting to read as much information as I could find about what to expect and what could happen, and now that I’m starting to recover myself I wanted to give back and hopefully help others who find themselves in a similar position. 355 more words

Stop the world, I want to get off this bus

Friday before the op I get the lovely news that I need to drink more colon cleansing muti from the Sunday and no eating. The Dr can’t operate on the colon unless we have “cleaned” it out. 739 more words

My Story