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Tutorial; Assessment - Skills 24/03/15

In anticipation of my final formative assessment, I gave my space a much needed clean. My grandfather always said that a ‘messy room equals a messy mind’, and I find some truth in this; often once I have lived in a messy space, and then get my act together and tidy it, I feel a lot more clear-headed. 383 more words


Saturday again, so soon?

How did a whole week go by without me chatting to you, my friends?

Had a pretty interesting Saturday, I have to say. I’ve become pretty passionate about “the new house” again, and made a bigger scale-model floor plan to dream and scheme by. 585 more words

Life And Pets

Surgery and recovery.

So a fair bit has happened since my last update and I was hoping to have written a little blog post by now but I have been very out of it and poorly. 753 more words

Rethinking Salmonella: from food poisoning culprit to cancer-fighting agent

What would you look for in an ideal cancer treatment? You’d probably want something that would only kill cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed. It would also be nice if this drug could penetrate deep inside tumours, even if the tumours are dispersed across multiple sites in the body. 898 more words


Tumour Day

So today is the first anniversary of what is to date the worst day of our lives. A year ago Adelaide and I were in Christchurch Hospital. 918 more words



Bacteria programmed to spot tumours in the liver have been shown off at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver. 295 more words


Something Tragic Happens in Australia Almost 4 Times a Day

Almost four times every day, on average*, something tragic happens in Australia. Somewhere in the country, most likely in a typically sterile doctor’s office, someone has been summoned from their comfortable daily routine to receive the news that they have a malignant brain tumour. 236 more words

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