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Newspapers and prodnoses need to stop telling us scare stories about cancer. They only increase stress.

I’m tired of newspaper headlines saying that everything we eat, or drink, increases our chances of dying of cancer.

From decades of articles on cancers, it seems obvious that anything that can damage a cell can also create a cancer. 329 more words


How are you doing then, Eamonn?

PSA of 62. I’ve beaten my own PSA record, which wasn’t the plan. For the next chemo session I’m going to take someone from the Guinness Book of Records with me in case it goes up again and I can claim a world’s best. 669 more words


RIP Roger John Page

Roger John Page: 16th May 1953 – 17th April 2018

University is a place of learning and also a place where schoolgirls and boys become adults. 468 more words



Three years, three months and three weeks after I discovered that my body was harbouring an inoperable tumour…

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Massive thanks to everyone at…

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Tumourous Tales from Hospital

Hello from theatre (again)! I thought I’d celebrate my one month post-surgery anniversary with … more surgery! If you listen closely you might just be able to hear a really angry mouth squatter getting its second eviction notice… 1,818 more words


Spring has sprung

Have you noticed that, almost imperceptibly, the weather has caught up with the date and Spring has finally crept up on us? When I’m out in the garden and on my walks, crocuses and bluebells are carpeting the ground, forming a guard of honour for the resplendent herald of daffodils in full bloom which, in turn, trumpet a salute to the blossom-laden trees. 430 more words


Acceptance - Coming to terms with reality.

How do you react to the things you can’t prepare for?…

Very late last year, just before Christmas, the sight in my right eye became blurred. 2,119 more words