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Jon: A true story of love, courage and faith.

By Jacqueline Frederickson.

Readers of any of my other reviews know that I review subjectively. This review is no different but in fairness I should state that I know personally the author, knew the hero (I use “hero” deliberately) and some of the other characters too. 316 more words



I hope that any woman, or man reading this does not still feel that breast cancer or cancer generally is a thing that happens to “people” conveniently forgetting that they belong under that umbrella name called people.  566 more words


Brain Cancer: The Killer of More Children Than Any Other Disease

Welcome back to Kids ’n’ Cancer! Today we are dedicating this blog post to brain cancer.

Brain cancers kill more children in Australia than any other disease; with brain tumours being the most common form of solid tumours among children. 184 more words

How do we explain?

For the last week we have contemplated how to tell Aiden. How to tell him that he still has more to do. How do I tell him something I do not fully understand myself? 1,232 more words


"Illness Cleanses Us" ~ Tracey Derrick

Treatment options for breast cancer are dependent upon the type of cancer and the size of the tumour. I was diagnosed with a grade 2, invasive ductal carcinoma, tumour size 30mm… 243 more words

Always Abreast Of Advocacy

Bone Cancer Boy: "The Cancer Act Exposed!"

As the cancerous social idiocies of Anti-Science and Pseudo-Based willful ignorance continue to manically infect any mind that they can, I have decided to start tackling these pathetic, self centered retardation’s, in the hope of at least being part of the defense of common sense against these evils. 2,825 more words

A is for Apple

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

Funny that.

I have had one of the healthiest upbringings and lifestyles I know. An apple a day is the least of it… 270 more words