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A single pea-sized memory
Is bugging me
Like a tumour that only grows
To engulf my daydreams
Into repeats
Of those few minutes.



Treatment with PI3K inhibitors alone can make a patient's cancer worse by promoting more aggressive tumour cell behaviour and metastasis

Wistar Institute says that the enzyme PI3K appears to be exploited in almost every type of human cancer, making it the focus of considerable interest as a therapeutic target. 323 more words


PACS-2 transports ADAM17 enzyme regularly to the surface of cancer tumours and aids the tumour's growth by separating molecules from the cell's surface

University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences says that researchers have discovered what regulates an enzyme that is central to the growth of cancer tumors. 237 more words


Putting Stents To The Test & Treating Heart Attacks

Putting Stents To The Test & Treating Heart Attacks

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To Spread The Facts World Wide… 2,351 more words


Seven: Healing

One of my friends has just contacted me saying that he’s been healed. He had been diagnosed with a large brain tumour earlier in the year and was waiting on surgery. 32 more words


Interesting Medical Case of Teeth in Brain.

So, I came across this article about some teeth present in a brain from a craniopharyngioma. Very interesting

Teeth in Brain

I wonder if dentists should have been doing the tooth extraction? 13 more words

Clinical Case

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This orally available pan-RAF/SFK inhibitor is active against treatment-naive BRAF and NRAS mutant tumors.   282 more words