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Gerd Trubenbach says flying to Korea for cancer surgery was his only hope - British Columbia - CBC News

Gerd Trubenbach, 71, believes he would be dead if his Korean wife hadn’t taken him to South Korea for life-saving surgery, after B.C. doctors discharged him from the Abbotsford Hospital with a huge malignant tumour growing in his neck last August.

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Central cells of tumours are more aggressive and invasive then cells on the outer edges

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute says that cells within a tumor are not the same; they may have different genetic mutations and different characteristics during growth and throughout treatment. 233 more words


How pancreatic cancer can spread to the liver through MIF and exosomes

Weill Cornell Medical College says that an international team of investigators has illuminated the precise molecular steps that enable pancreatic cancer to spread to the liver — the event that makes the most common form of the disease lethal. 178 more words


Carbon-based nanoparticles (organic) are more lethal to tumours

The Springer Science+Business Media says that carbon-based nanoparticles could be used to sensitize cancerous tumours to proton radiotherapy and induce more focused destruction of cancer cells, a new study shows. 77 more words


Tumour Lysis Syndrome


Tumour Tx or spontaneously.
Risks:                                     Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Burkitt lymphoma ALL, AML > 50 X109 WCC, Hi grade NHL with bulky
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The battles ahead on Rob Ford's road to recovery

WATCH ABOVE: Dr. Samir Gupta discusses what lies ahead on Rob Ford’s road to recovery after surgery.

There has been a lot of discussion about Rob Ford’s recent abdominal surgery to remove his malignant liposarcoma, and many people are curious about what the next few days will hold for Ford, and how his recovery is likely to proceed. 712 more words

Rob Ford


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Hidden tumour, revealed
Presses on brain
Squeezes at eye
In detection it resists
Plum-sized abomination
Skull cracked open
And plum scooped out… 28 more words