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For Grandpa

            My grandpa came to Canada with seven dollars in his turban as a young man. He had no idea where he was going or what he was doing, all that he knew is he wanted to make a life here for his wife and himself. 780 more words

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There is no beauty in the floodOf alkaline defiled blood.

There is no dignity in the raw stench

Of chemical vomit and flesh.

There is no beauty in the entangle… 28 more words

Wife takes a positive pregnancy test, shocked at what Ultrasound reveals

Imgur user 0tisdriftwood now knows this to be true. He explains that he was elated when he and his wife found out they were expecting. 218 more words

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Bye bye tumour!

February 4th is World Cancer Day. Some people mark the day by donating money to fund research. Some people take the time to remind their loved ones to go for routine check ups. 864 more words



Alcohol is in the same cancer causing category as tobacco smoke and asbestos.

Suppress = shame

I’ve mentioned in other posts that I have a poor memory.

When I was growing up as a kid, I was sensitive and I felt like I knew right from wrong very well, better than the adults around me.   569 more words

Getting Real

So, I’m feeling the need to get real with you, and myself.  My last post was as much for me as anyone else.

Throughout the month of December, our family ate more refined, processed and sugar-filled foods; we slept less; we moved less; and a glass or 2 of wine a night was not uncommon.   896 more words