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If only i could be paid £10 everytime someone said...

“Your’re looking well” or “You seem to be doing alright for yourself” or even “You’re very busy so must be ok”

Yet only those closest take notice and understand the bitter struggle and fight going on behind closed doors, pretty much those statements above have been said even by those who know the current circumstances and the situation that I have been fighting since 2012. 365 more words

Making Films

BCG Treatment for Bladder Cancer

BCG Treatment for Bladder Cancer

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To Spread The Facts World Wide

To Give Hope & Information… 1,306 more words


My Crow - the tumour whisperer

This is a story that I wrote a few months ago about a crow that took up residence inside my chest when I was diagnosed. It’s a true story… 580 more words

Stat3 and IL-6 suppresses cell growth in prostate tumours by activating p14ARF gene which inhibits cell growth

Medical University of Vienna says that a gene that is responsible for cancer growth plays a totally unexpected role in prostate cancer. The gene Stat3 is controlled by the immune modulator interleukin 6 and normally supports the growth of cancer cells. 116 more words


Life After a Tumour

Life is one crazy ride, you never know what tomorrow brings, so each day should be lived to the best that it can be. When something eventful happens, it can sometimes take a while to get over it. 802 more words


Attending An 'Information Day' Organised By The Brain Tumour Charity

As many people reading this will know, I was diagnosed and treated for a rare Medullablastoma tumour last year. I’ve aligned myself quite closely with The Brain Tumour Charity as I strongly believe in the work that they do, and most importantly, the support that they provide. 614 more words


Claiming that 'marijuana cures cancer' is hurting the pro-legalisation movement

I should start this off with the disclaimer that I support the legalisation of recreational marijuana use. In fact, I support the decriminalisation of all recreational drugs. 1,753 more words