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I’ve talked about Shed many times since starting this blog. For instance, when I reviewed Artigiano I remember saying “I’d rather go to Shed”, or words to that effect. 1,575 more words


Momma Bear puts a twist on comfort food!

New Jersey is home to the best diners in the world (some open 24 hours!) and serve THE perfect comfort food. Diners have staples like disco fries (fries with gravy and melted cheese), taylor ham egg and cheese sandwiches, hot open turkey sandwiches with gravy, homemade soups, and one of my favorites, the tuna melt. 168 more words

Grilled onion tuna melt sandwich  


Grilled onion tuna melt sandwich


2 slices of bread

1Pouch of (2.5 oz.) of tuna

1/4 cup of meyonise or 2tbsp

1/2 of a medium size onion,cut into  thick size rings… 122 more words

Food Recipes

Week 9: Days 1-4

March 16-19

I am back with some food I ate! Despite, my absence I have been eating healthy food this week and really took advantage of some Pinterest recipes to mix things up a bit. 258 more words


Memories of tuna melts reborn

Confession: I loved me some tuna sandwiches growing up. Cracking open the can of Albacore, smashing in mayo (shifting to yogurt as I grew older), garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and pickles. 505 more words


Tuna melt

I feel like tuna salad was a staple in everyone’s diet as a child. Canned tuna mixed with mayo and some sort of crunch (pickles or celery) thrown together with cold macaroni or in between two slices of bread. 279 more words