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Quinoa Tuna Bake

I am a massive fan of pasta bake. Creamy, cheesy pasta bake. Having IBS and being mildly lactose intolerant doesn’t mean one of my favourite dishes is ruined. 410 more words


Tuna salad

If you have any love for anything tuna; tuna salad, tuna sandwich, cats, then this recipe is for you, however if you do not favour tuna nearly as much, then stick around still for the visual appeal. 435 more words

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Fishy Mystery

I have a three-volume set of Confucius teachings. Years ago, when we were all young and passionate, and tended to argue earth-shattering issues till wee hours of the morning, with guitars and Georgian wines (that’s a country, not a state), sometimes, when an argument hit a dead-end and voices got hoarse, one of us would pull a Confucius volume, open it at random, and pronounce, “Confucius say..” 882 more words

Kosher Cooking

Chops City Grill

This is a random side note because I know most people would think I would be writing about steak, considering Chops is a highly respected steakhouse but instead I decided to feature a true gem on their menu instead. 170 more words


If you follow my Instagram page, (if you don’t, @Thankgoditsfryday, shameless promo) you will probably have seen endless pictures of sushi and sashimi from this gorg place. 732 more words


Peruvian Causa de Atún- low FODMAP

Someone asked the other day about good recipes for canned tuna, so I thought I’d make a rare appearance and share my absolute favorite one! 780 more words