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Summer in Alaska: Day 5

A bit of a snowy day today. Luckily we have taken the trouble of putting some nice cozy shelters out on the tundra to work in. 116 more words


Wind takes All

Beaver Creek – Burwash Landing – Destruction Bay – Haines Junction – US Border

Crossing the Canadian border was quick and easy. Beaver Creek, the first town 2km down the road, was our destination for this rainy, windy day. 1,123 more words


Hiking Handies Peak

Hiking a mountain of any size is a special thing, something I’ve had the privilege to do a couple of times. Recently I hiked to the top of Handies Peak (14,058 ft.) near Lake City, Colorado with my wife and brother. 807 more words

Summer in Alaska: Day 2

The theme of today was dealing with snow. Our first visit to the research site confirmed that there is so much more snow than last year. 187 more words


Summer in Alaska: Day 1

The northern point of Alaska is a long way from Bend, Oregon. About 14 hours, from taking off on the first flight, to landing for the last time, four flights later. 130 more words


Summer in Alaska: Day 0

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska, for summer field work. However, summer is a relative term (and on the North American system of changing seasons at the solstice it is technically still spring), so I will be packing the full complement of Arctic summer field clothes (i.e., many insulating, windproof and waterproof layers). 105 more words


Dog Sillies

So, when we have to kennel Tundra (which is rarely – he goes to work with my husband and pretty much everywhere with us), we give him a bone with peanut butter smeared on the inside. 74 more words

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