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Tundra Hiking

We didn’t have any firm plans when we were in Grand Lake, but between canoeing and moose, my dad insisted we go on a tundra hike.   805 more words


Seed, part 2

i hoist my pack of tools
and hike off into the tundra
to chip away the stone
that hides me from me
pick away at painful scabs… 46 more words


Seed, part 1

It’s so hard to find my words
In the vast empty tundra of the Now
My child pulls at my leg, afraid
Desperate to leave, hiding his face… 38 more words


76th Haiku

Fields of green grass—

Now silvered

By the full Moon


A Polar Bear Family Portrait

One of my favorite photos from Polar Bear Point just outside of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada this past October.

Mom and her two cubs standing on the edge of a Tundra Pond.

#polarbear #cubs


Lakker - Pylon

• “Pylon” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Bert Faber.

“Great Electronica from Ireland”

From their LP “Tundra” (R&S) released in May, 2015. 167 more words


A Bite to Eat (5 photos)

Our Polar Bear cubs get a bite to eat (not sure what they are eating) while mom watches closely over them.

#PolarBear #cubs