UNCOOL: The things we think will happen to Justin Bieber

It’s painful to watch but Justin Bieber is rapidly losing control; of his temper, his likeness to Hilary Swank and most disturbingly, his clothes. Bopping around topless, nearing collapse during gigs, threatening paps with those soft-skinned fists – we’ve seen it all before. 613 more words


COOL: Manifest!


The sexy debut album ‘Friends’ by this mixed gender outfit from Brooklyn, came out earlier this year and we’ve gone soppy on this tune. A lot.


COOL: Dallas (2012)

Dallas is BACK!

Y’remember Dallas – that awful 80s American soap opera that was on for YEARS and featured just about every storyline in the history of mankind: marriages, adultery, oil, babies, divorce, death, incest, embezzlement, cancer cancer cancer, mass murder, YOU’RE MY SISTER?!, more marriage, cancer… 442 more words


COOL: Walter Junior's breakfast obsession

If you watch Breaking Bad instead of going to church, mosque or synagogue like us then by now you’ll have noticed that, for a big time drug dealer’s son, Walt Jnr’s days are astonishingly dull, his whole life centred around eating breakfast, talking about breakfast or making breakfast. 97 more words


COOL: Solange

Holy ..gosh! Beyonce’s sister Solange has suddenly become very, VERY #COOL.

Don’t believe me?! I can’t say I’m surprised. Her name does rhyme with flange after all. 123 more words


COOL: The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is everywhere.

You can’t open a single newspaper or innocently surf the web without seeing a picture of Paul Hollywood holding a freshly baked latticed sausage roll. 560 more words


UNCOOL: The X Factor 2012 auditions took the wind out my sails

words: sarah powell

Someone described me as “very keen” on Sunday as I waited in a very long queue, in 28 degrees, by the smelly Thames, round the back of the O2 to be an audience member at  The X Factor auditions in London. 503 more words