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How to Choose Diamond Rings for Men?

Wedding Bands
Diamond rings have mostly been associated with women. But nowadays, even men like to accessorize themselves with sparkling rings studded with diamonds. Also, since jewelry makes a special gift, there is no better way to express your love for your man than buying him a sparkling diamond ring. 359 more words

Still Life

One of my favourite things about photography is lighting. Figuring out how to light something in the right way. How to get the perfect shadows and highlights. 66 more words


W is for Wolfram

Perhaps most readers would be more familiar with the name tungsten which comes from the Swedish for ‘heavy stone’. The heavy stone in question is the dense ore known as scheeite one of the ores of wolfram/tungsten. 263 more words


Dragging The Shutter

This technique is not dissimilar to painting with light. You can apply the same camera settings you would to painting with light, however the frame must be lit differently. 444 more words


Apple takes groundbreaking steps to combat deadly trade in conflict minerals

This week, Apple released a new report that revealed the company had taken several groundbreaking steps to combat the deadly in trade in conflict minerals. Four minerals used in electronics, jewelry, and other products – gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten – have helped fund armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which over 5.4 million people have died since 1994. 498 more words


Tungsten Trend

As she bites into her locally sourced cured meat and sourdough toastie, with kale salad and ginger detox smoothie in the cafe (or should I say eaterie), she glances up and realises many things. Amongst these things….


Lakehouse and Tungsten

To follow up on my previous report on a presentation by Lakehouse directors following a requisition submitted to remove three of the non-executive directors, the company has now published a 21 page document giving their reasons why shareholders should support the board. 1,118 more words

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