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Increasing load by a factor of four? No problem with performance engineering!

Have you ever wondered how performance engineering works and how it can help you? In this writeup I will show an example how proper Performance Engineering allowed to improve the performance of importing documents into a Document Management System (DMS) by a factor of four, actually hitting the performance goal with the first try. 1,145 more words

Performance Engineering

Wealth Tuning: Calibrate Your Mind For Financial Success - Kindle edition by George Hutton. Self-Help Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Wealth Tuning: Calibrate Your Mind For Financial Success

To earn a decent living, you must either get lucky, or understand the structure of money. What it is, what it represents from a historical and metaphysical aspect. 7 more words

Tuning Season - Stock, Modified or Built?

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Today is February 14. 1,115 more words


ReVengeance - The Current Alpha State of the Vengeance Demon Hunter in Battle for Azeroth (No Spoilers!)

Today I want to get hyper analytical.

So let’s talk Battle for Azeroth Alpha, but very specifically, Vengeance Demon Hunter changes.

Since my original post about the Blizzcon demo gameplay, and my start-of alpha datamining peek, there’s a very slightly clearer look at the class. 1,330 more words


Strojenie poleceń SQL w bazie danych Oracle 12c

W związku z realizacją projektu projektu dla jednego z moich klientów, przygotowuje obecnie szkolenie z zakresu strojenia zapytań SQL w Oracle 12c. Szkolenie ma nieco inny charakter niż większość istniejących na ten temat materiałów, przede wszystkim dlatego, że zostało zaprojektowane z myślą o programistach, analitykach oraz właścicielach aplikacji a nie jak zazwyczaj w takim przypadku – administratorach baz danych. 12 more words


E13 String Gauge Chart

Here is my E13#9/F String Gauge Chart for 22.5″ Scale Length Lap Steel Guitars.

The biggest challenge was finding the right gauge for best sustain on the Bottom end after the 12th fret but still remaining clear when playing below the 12th fret and avoiding the “MUD” sound. 39 more words

The Newly-Discovered Disappointment of Trying to Do All The Artifact Challenges - An 11/36 Update

So I am a masochist.

When I got both appearances for my Demon Hunter, conquering the Mage Tower, it led me to start thinking about the time I could put in on other classes. 1,520 more words