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Indexes on XML Data Type Columns

XML indexes can be created on xml data type columns. They index all tags, values and paths over the XML instances in the column and benefit query performance. 1,984 more words

Jak można tuningować samochód?

Z reguły każdemu podobają się samochody, które wyprodukowała znana marka. Jednak zawsze znajdą się osoby, które chciałyby poprawić to co zaoferowała fabryka. Najczęściej takie zabiegi wykonywane są wśród starszych samochodów. 381 more words


Filtered Index Design Guidelines

A filtered index is an optimized nonclustered index, especially suited to cover queries that select from a well-defined subset of data. It uses a filter predicate to index a portion of rows in the table. 3,319 more words

Monday Poetry Prompt: Tuning

This week let’s write a poem about tuning. It could be about tuning a musical instrument, tuning a car, a radio or even tuning up the human body with exercise and eating right. 97 more words

Poetry Prompts

we have lift off - thanks to Bernoulli...

and a few other things as well.

First, there’s the engine de-coke and re-build. Whilst doing this, I opened the exhaust port a little and opened the exhaust port throat a little more, smoothing the flow as best I could. 765 more words


Full-Text Index Population

Creating and maintaining a full-text index involves populating the index by using a process called a population (also known as a crawl). SQL Server supports the following types of population: full population, change tracking-based automatic or manual population, and incremental timestamp-based population. 884 more words

Update to spec tuning: 9/13/17

Player versus Player

  • All specs that received general damage increases below have been reduced by an equivalent amount in PvP, as the Netherlight Crucible’s item-level increases to the player’s Artifact weapon have very little impact on PvP.

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