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First Progress

On the first of February, the calipers I had ordered went on. Isaac graciously spent two hours lovingly fitting them in place of the previous ones. 318 more words


Sinister 991 by khyzylsaleem

When I started my Livestream for this 991 I had the idea of seeing what it would like with a RWB kit, I soon got bored of that however. 41 more words


Allocating resources to a Spark executor

It’s boring to do same thing again and again but this is the only way to optimise use of resources in a cluster !!

Once the spark job has been tested and verified by ingesting input data of low cardinality, it’s time to make it ready for the cardinality and kfps expected in production. 619 more words

Apache Spark

Saab at heart

All cars, no matter how extreme, need a beating heart. This amazing rat rod from England just happens to have one of the best hearts around – a Saab B204 Turbo. 145 more words

SAAB Culture

The Struggle 2015 Vol. 6

As the motor is finished by the guys of Flat Performance Yimi Sport starts prepping the rest of the parts that will be needed in order for it to fire up. 672 more words


Minimizing Database Calls

I have been focusing a lot of attention on performance tuning AX over the last year.  The company I work for has now been live on AX 2012 R2 for about a year and a half and we’ve spent a lot of effort tuning indexes and re-writing code and processes to speed up our system.  594 more words

Dynamics AX

TempDB Excessive Memory Usage Example

I see TempDB using more memory than I feel it should and found a way to resolve it.  Previously I dove into technical details and questioning what I saw in my post… 1,888 more words

SQL Server