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Education in Tunisia after the 2011 Revolution: "Is there any difference?"

On January 14th, Tunisia celebrated the 4th anniversary of the so-called Jasmine revolution that started with the overthrow of the ousted president Ben Ali. Four years have passed and a number of adjustments have been made, starting with the issuing of the new constitution on 26 January 2014. 834 more words


Experiencing Tunisia's First Parliamentary Elections [in its Capital's Suburbs]

October 26 was a huge day for Tunisia in national, historical and regional terms: this was the day of the North African country’s first truly democratic elections, its society finally reaping the fruits of the national uprisings it unleashed three years ago. 719 more words

Current Events

7 vies - Stockholm Syndrom

Obviously, after a political event like a revolution, material and content are being servedĀ on a silver plate for all artists. Therefore it is no surprise to see the proliferation of documentaries about the so called “ 517 more words


A Frosty Arab Spring, Tunisia

Very much part of the media backdrop to the civil war in Syria has been the entire Arab Spring movement that we have been told spread out of Tunisia from December 2010 right across North Africa and the Arab World. 245 more words


There's a Riot Going on: From Haiti to Tunisia

by R. A. Judy

“The true scandal is not in the proposition of analogy between the Haitian and Tunisian revolutions, but in this epistemological failure, which perpetuates the refusal to recognize that they are not derivative analogues of the French Revolution or the European Spring of Revolution, but are distinctive events of social transformation, which while in part stimulated by a certain set of Enlightenment concepts and institutions, have taken a course that cannot be charted according to the dominate mapping of our common modernity…” 4,838 more words

Lectures And Talks

A Blood Change.

So I read this post recently by a Nigerian girl pleading her country to stand up and start an uprising against the government that she concluded with “Why can’t we stand up and take the Tunisian revolution as an example?” and decided to talk a little about the post-revolution Tunisia. 724 more words