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I have to build what for which squirrel?!

I’ll concede, it wasn’t a real squirrel… it was a flying squirrel.
I’ll concede further, it wasn’t a real furry flying squirrel, it was a guy in a wing suit (sometimes referred to as a flying squirrel suit). 1,561 more words


Ferrari 458 Italia - Insane F1 sounds

Insanely loud Ferrari 458 Italia, fitted with Novitec Rosso exhausts – spotted in Monaco.

Please note: We advise that you DO NOT wear headphones to watch this video.

Visit Monaco’s tunnels Here.


Quickie 😁 Thought

The light at the end of the tunnel….what’s weird about the saying of not to approach it is that it signifies death. However shouldn’t it signify life. 66 more words

Toll relief program to ease burden on Norfolk, Portsmouth residents

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — A program that Gov. Terry McAuliffe says is the first of its kind in the nation will help ease the burden on Norfolk and Portsmouth residents who use the Midtown and Downtown tunnels. 477 more words


Launch bay doors

The walkway from the departures lounge at Birmingham Airport to the gates.

Not exactly as I had planned the picture, but it puts me in mind of the landing bays on the original Battlestar Galactica or on the Death Star. 56 more words


  • Where is this?
  • Who is standing in the tunnel?
  • Why is she there?
  • What type of person is she?
  • Where does the tunnel lead?
  • Does she know where it leads?
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National Gallery of Art - East Wing, Washington, DC

East wing of the Washington DC National  Gallery of Art is home to the modern art collection and several temporary exhibition spaces including installations, sculptures, photography and paintings.   206 more words