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A Weekend in Asheville, NC

Andrew and I took a little adventurous weekend getaway to Asheville, North Carolina, over Veteran’s Day weekend last year (November 9-12, 2017). It was a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of college life, and we loved every second of a weekend to ourselves in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 1,329 more words


Wings of my Heart

I am searching the world for you, my love. Builder of treehouses and the perfect cuppa tea. Lover of pugs and dreamer of a quieter, more peaceful planet. 461 more words

Southbound Spiritual: Tuned to the Key of Georgia

When the levy broke, 
It took everything in this town with it. 
The roads dried up and I found romance
In the mouths of honesty -- 
Tight, pulsing life, 
Punching beauty through my weathervanes. 190 more words

VAN MORRISON - " The Essential Albums "

Van Morrison’s vocal is an expressive instrument which synthesises his Irish roots with the R&B and jazz that he grew up hearing in Belfast. His exploration of Celtic Soul has effectively fuelled his entire career, as he veered between commercial pop and more uncompromising efforts. 2,885 more words


Why is honey so special?

At The Honey Cottage we are frequently asked aren’t all honeys the same? Or why is this so expensive?

Honey is like a fine wine; the more rare and special a honey it is the higher the price will be. 318 more words

Babes Who Brunch

My schedule being what it is, between work and ballet, my actual free time is limited. After an exceptionally busy summer, I realized that I hadn’t seen several of my friends in quite some time, and I missed them! 495 more words


Beekeeping Vocabulary - "U" is for...

Above: Uncapping with an electric hot knife on an uncapping tub by Ben pcc

Today’s beekeeping vocabulary word is, “Uncapping Knife.”

From Wikipedia:

The first step in the extraction process is to break or remove all of the cappings. 115 more words