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New Links: Wind Turbine Effects on Health

Documentation received in respect of wind turbines and infrasound plus other medical evidence and opinions, all of which can be found on this blog:

Human Rights and Wind Energy Projects… 96 more words


Vindkraft och folkhälsa (Wind and Public Health)


Swedish Wind Energy received an editorial in Expressen / GT [3]. Both articles alleged that the infrasound levels measured from wind turbines does not seem to be higher than the infrasound levels people are exposed to on a daily basis from other sound sources in the environment and that they are far below the Swedish guideline values for infrasound levels in the workplace. 347 more words


New law threatens survival of Polish wind power industry 

If it gets approved, this looks a lot like an onshore ban in practice if not in name.

A new bill submitted to Poland’s parliament threatens the very survival of the wind energy industry in the country. 244 more words


Abstract Landscape: Power Line

Across a level stretch of New Mexico desert, a line of wind turbines sits momentarily motionless, their shadows connecting the dots of this wireless power line. 6 more words

Aerial Photography

Falmouth Wind Turbine Infrasound Massachusetts

Wind watch

Wind Turbine Infrasound Confirmed Falmouth Massachusetts

The NASA investigation by Dr. Neil Kelley and his colleagues established a link between wind turbine generated impulsive infrasound and low frequency noise and the symptoms (including sleep disturbance) reported by the Boone, North Carolina residents  ( 1987 ) 411 more words


How Green Is My Industrial Wind Turbine?

Despite a lifespan of only fifteen years, running at max 30% output, an industrial windmill could spin until it falls apart and never generate as much energy as was invested in building it. 376 more words

Green Agenda

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. . Industrialising parts of the countryside is never going to do anyone except subsidy harvesters any good.