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Enormous blades could lead to more offshore energy in US

Monster ‘SUMR’ wind turbines are on the US drawing board, says ScienceDaily. SUMO more like?

A new design for gigantic blades longer than two football fields could help bring offshore 50-megawatt (MW) wind turbines to the United States and the world. 556 more words


Watch "9HA Gas Turbine Product Video" on YouTube

It is amazing how far things have evolved from good old coal powered plants. Note that the combined cycle plant offers an extra almost 50% efficiency improvement. 136 more words

Portland installs turbines in city water pipes – powers city with toilets

Hydoelectric devices were installed in the main aquatic lines in Portland, Oregon, making use of water pressure to make electricity. Those generators operate wherever water will be running downhill, and therefore are already recouping a lot of the power cost in maintaining the water system operating. 24 more words

Organic, yes

My drive to Fabius, N.Y., this week reminded me once more of my fascination of wind power.

The folks who run Trinder Farm say it’s an organic organization on their sign. 88 more words


Wind power a part of United Nations green agenda

Wind power depends on coal

by Viv Forbes, science writer

June 15th was declared by wind energy rent-takers as “Global Wind Day”. This is just another orchestrated media event designed to distract taxpayers, electricity consumers and wind turbine victims from the follies of wind energy. 1,137 more words