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Good gracious why is it BLIZZARD-ING?!

Why does mother nature hate us right now :| I have about had it with her attitude, I miss the sun, I want to go outside and trail skate, play with my kids, and just bask in the sunshine but it’s blizzard-ing in April. 316 more words


So talk about last minute! It’s been soooooo busy this past week, I had an absolutely GREAT time at Minneapolis Fit Fest which took place at the University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness Center. 466 more words


I stayed after class to take turbo kick. I have decided to do a full tough mudder this summer so I am starting training. I have tons of time so I want to make sure I am as ready as possible. 84 more words


I was able to push myself and stay for turbo kick after teaching PiYo. I made it without ever feeling like I was about to faint and I had no other low blood sugar signs. 11 more words